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Horizontal Machining Center Makino A51nx

The a51nx is a mm horizontal machining center from Makino that builds on the highly successful a51 platform. Key technologies on the machine advance part productivity, accuracy and machine reliability to the next level.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. The a51nx and a61nx have larger work envelopes, higher machine strength and rigidity far beyond levels typically associated with taper machines.

All this, plus advanced spindles and axis guide enhancements, combines to deliver increased speed and precision in larger part applications. The a51nx and a61nx models boast expanded axis travels. The a51nx features a mm The additional Y-stroke yields a 14 percent bigger working envelope that accommodates larger parts or more parts per fixture.

The standard a61nx a15nx a mm An optional tall column on the a61nx expands the Y-axis to mm Thanks to the expanded Z-axis stroke, maximum tool a51nz on the a51nx and a61nx models is increased to mm The a51nx and a61nx machines have new, more powerful standard and optional spindles.



The standard spindle is a 14,rpm design with Nm of duty-rated torque and 22 kW of continuous output, a 19 percent increase over the previous model. An optional Nm spindle designed for high metal-removal rates in ferrous applications is also available, opening up new machining opportunities typically reserved for larger machines.

Along with the two new spindles, the current 20,rpm core-cooled spindle remains available as an option on the a51nx and a61nx machines. Casting design and axis guide improvements of the nx machines deliver higher stiffness, load capacities and precision. A new cross-roller guide design yields improved rigidity for higher metal-removal rates, reduced vibration and improved tool life. Several major casting enhancements coupled with the use of cross-roller guides enable customers to effectively use the additional 14 percent Y-stroke.

a51nx ‚óŹ a61nx | Makino

The nx machines are designed with a 1G-axis acceleration supplemented by high-power servo motors and enhanced casting rigidity for faster acceleration. Additionally, nx models have a standard direct-drive DD motor B-axis table for a dramatically faster indexing time over the previous worm-gear-driven NC rotary table NCRT.

The motor includes an inertia control system that adjusts table speed and acceleration based on pallet payload. Due to the speed of the DD motor, it may lead to fewer machines required in high-volume, high-tool-count automotive applications.


The DD motor table also reduces B-axis complexity and eliminates backlash and key component wear. Nx machines leverage these proven maakino and advance reliability with new features. The ATC shutter door typically sees millions of cycles over the life span of a machine.

On nx machines, a high-speed servo-driven ball screw actuates the ATC shutter door, improving responsiveness, ease of setup and maintenance. The servo axis also reduces exposure of the ATC to the work envelope. The net result is improved reliability and cleaner ATC environments. Horizontal Machining Center Makino A61nx.

Horizontal Machining Center Makino A Horizontal Machining Center Makino J3. Horizontal machining center Makino J Horizontal Machining 4 Axis Makino a Makino a81nx horizontal machining centre. Makino anx Horizontal Machining 4 Axis. Horizontal Machining Center Makino A51nx The a51nx is a mm horizontal machining center from Makino that builds on the highly successful a51 platform.

Online only Makino a51nx. Last items in stock! Expanded work envelope The a51nx and a61nx models boast expanded axis travels. Makino a51nx Download 1.