The channel VLZ4 brings the proven From every input to every output, the VLZ4 is .. professional or semi-pro instrument, effect or CD player. Apparently everyone did not find the excellent instruction in French for this good food: Shop for the Mackie VLZ PRO Compact Mixer and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price.

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The RFI rejection– Hype? This is one reason why, despite the extra cash, Mackies remain cost-effective. There’s ample power for any of these mics, and a convenient switch to turn Phantom power on and off on the back panel. Not a fart breath. 4102 I do not know what to say except that this table is idalie for home studio or for a group of zic.

Other brands do not have the heels exactemt the same reputable regarding the pramps.

User reviews: Mackie VLZ Pro – Audiofanzine

The answer is always ‘not sure’ so far. The tape tracks were so hissy I had to dramatically tweak the eq going in–process each track heavily in the digital domain in Logic then come back out to the Mackie to submix and master.

Sort by most recent most useful. The has been in production for several years. Please enter your comment!


Behringer sells mixers that have similar features to the Mackies for substantially less cash. With 14 line inputs, 6 mono and 4 stereo pairsflexible mono and stereo master faders and robust patching and signal control options built in — the unit has all the flexibility most basic audio for video suites will require.

If you insist stuff used in AF for the care of the packaging, because I have a little t surprise packages with only the kraft around the original box, my God t te of the “corners” thank you mail! APRS ago tjs the plugin virtual. Bill Davis writes, shoots, edits, and does voiceover work for a variety of corporate and industrial clients.

And Peak signal leds.

Audio Signal Flow for Videographers. Not a problem as a submixer from a computer, but if its your sole eq coming from an eq-less digital multitrack, you mavkie end up with an itch or two.

Apparently everyone pto not find the excellent instruction in French for this good food: When you get one you will find your digital audio freed in many ways of typical soundcard restraints. I also route the 8 outputs of the Delta back to the and then send the main bus back to my larger mixer. I do not rpterai what other people have put down. Buy th tt understood occasions.

Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro Audio Mixer 1402VLZPRO

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. So i did it with Logic’s software parametrics and used the Mackie EQ to touch that up.


So for a fader or a broken knob is a little mission to Mc Gyver or be very equipped. Some tiny tweaks on the EQs and pans and the mix was mxckie, locked, and making a powerful statement. Differences between a mackie and an Behringer have been debated at length in our forums.

The Mackie VLZ Pro Page

I don’t have an older Mackie to evaluate that. I have not had the opportunity to try other consoles too equivalents, made from a Soundcraft and Behringer. Doesn’t need much to get where you want to go.

Sr although we can not ask for a quality of pramps or effects or other console th! I plugged the leads from my old 4 track into the new Mackie and started tracking. Something I could put right next to my computer, that had 4 stereo pairs for the 8 Delta outs, and had inputs left over for mics, guitar, a channel to route synths from my main board and a few extras for stuff I wanted to connect to sample, or record, direct to the computer without entering the treacherous sea of cables behind my main mixer.

In short very good machine. The EQ sounds good.