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I see that the pattern has a grain line, but I did not know I was supposed to measure that in. And I used the actual size for a smaller, because always the patterns are too large for my sholders.

I haven’t really found any substitute for learning and applying some flat pattern adjustments even to Lutterloh patterns. In the next step you will see that I darkened the path that looked best and that is where I rruler cut my pattern.

I have finally mastered pants and think I can help. I am not confused about how to use it. Hello I wonder if you can help me? And do look at some the the things we have been making from the patterns it will inspire you to find your body issues and sew sew sew. I lutterlo gotten round to trying a pattern luttterloh yet, but I have caught up on a few other sewing projects this summer, so maybe I’ll tackle this next.

The best ones have the marking hole clearly marked by the number. The standard is to end the dart inside the bust circle but not in the center.

Anonymous June 27, at 9: Yes looking at each step is a great help and will continue to be. Let’s say my sleeve is too small for the armscye so add some to your sleeve, walk it again see if it fits and luttefloh you have a new pattern. Have you been able to figure out how lutterloh determines the placement of their starting points on their patterns.


Sellers set the item’s declared value and must comply with customs declaration laws. The reason you make the Vest first is that you end up with a garment that tells you how all the tops will fit and because the vest comes down to your hip you also cover how the top of both pants and skirts will fit.

It is usually little changes that make it all work.

Rulers, Lutterloh System – Economical Sewing

Is there where it has pulled in? Could you tell me if there are supposed to be notches on lutterlkh sleeve pattern? Well tell me more. Is it a v neck, Sleeves nearly to the arm bend Semi-bell loose sleeve? Home Sewing Made Easy Slacks. I admire your sticking with this. I’ve seen a few more vintage base kits too, that still cost less than buying the modern base kit.

Karin I went and did a day class with a Lutterloh representative and it all makes sense once you have made a couple of patterns for yourself. Circa Vintage Nicole, that is interesting!

No notches to line up pocket, pocket facing to pants etc made me crazy! This Buy It Now listing has ended. JazzM April 5, at 2: Visit eBay’s page on international trade.

He was such a teacher! I then use the pattern drawing as a rough guide to mark points ruller the edges of the pattern.


I usually baste my darts in if I’m not sure with the vintage patterns. It isn’t the patterns notches that gets your sleeve in correctly, it’s you. However there is no way to turn Other patterns into Lutterloh patterns. Can you share with me where you found the reproduction tape measure pretty please?

December 25, at We are here to help you understand the system. This protects your table from pin holes and holds the pin firmly while you pivot for marking the pattern parts. Don’t use that is it missing some really important steps. The larger the bust the further from the center for the point. You must send your e-mail in a posting I will post another note after I put the vest together. If you want to grade other pattern you can check online.

Lutterloh pattern system | Vintage Fashion Guild Forums

Lutterlob thought I could jump right into it. Is there anywhere else I can find it? We don’t mind if you sign your notes. Here’s a nead find I made just before I was off on my trip, while looking for vintage patterns: I really want this system to work for me.

Lutterloh pattern system

I checked the measurements several times, but they always checked out. Will try to send photo. What was it exactly that discouraged you?