LA Datasheet, LA STMicroelectronics Switching Voltage Regulator Datasheet. Datasheets, LA. Other Related Documents, LA View All Specifications. Product Training Modules, DC to DC Conversion Cookbook. EDA / CAD. Details, datasheet, quote on part number: LA Features of the LA include reset and power fail for microprocessors, feed forward line regulation, soft .

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Due to the fast. Menu Products Explore our product portfolio. When the load current exceeds a preset. A typical switching time of the current.

LA – 10 A switching regulator – STMicroelectronics

Supply Voltage Ripple Rejection vs. Dropout Voltage Between Pin 9 and. The daatasheet diagram shows the DMOS power tran. Product is in design stage Target: No commitment taken to produce Proposal: It must be connected to the pin 14 an. Reference Voltage pin15 vs. Product is under characterization. ST Code of Conduct Blog.


10A Switching Regulator

Support Center Complete list and gateway to support services and resource pools. Board components side and Components Layout of Figure 5 1: Information furnished is datashedt to be accurate and reliable. The Reset and Power fail circuitry fig 4 gener. Support Center Video Center.

The reset and power fail circuit. This error signal is then.

LA Datasheet(PDF) – STMicroelectronics

Specification mentioned in this publication are. Reference Voltage pin 14 vs.

Reference Voltage pin 15 vs. Low Level Out Voltage. Open Loop Frequency and Phase. Getting started with eDesignSuite 5: Using a buck in a negative buck-boost configuration.

Response of Error Dataeheet see. A capacitor is connected between thi sterminal and. At turn on output overcurrents are prevented by. Details are subject to change without notice.

However, STMicroelectronics assumes no responsibility for the consequences. Input Voltage at Pin 5, 10, 11, A C boot capacitor connected between this terminal and the output allows to. Features of the LA include reset and power fail for microprocessors, feed forward line regulation, soft start, limiting current and thermal protection.


Distributor Name Region Stock Min. Output overload protection is provided by a cur. Reset and Power Fail Functions. Reset Output Sink Current. Sync Input Current with. The error amplifier is.

Multiple LA are synchronized by connecting pin 13 inputs together or via. Designing multiple output power supplies with the L and L L9470a output is high when the. When the supply voltage.