Kitsune Compendium This massive pdf clocks in at 29 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD, leaving us with a massive Kitsune Compendium Author: Alexander Augunas Cover Design: Alexander Augunas Interior Art: Jacob Blackmon. Designation of Product Identity All company. Wily but noble, kitsune are a race of shapechanging fox-folk. Each Kitsune has two shapes—a slender and attractive human form and its true form of an.

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Gotta love that Everyman Bonus Reward, eh? Indeed, this book makes kitsune feel like a proper race — distinct, unique, fun — this is essentially an ecology for the race PLUS crunch tool box.

At 1st level, the jiuweihu gains the jewel bound familiar witch hex. Good racially-specific crunch builds on existing abilities and this pdf does just that for not only a oitsune great book, but also one that pleases me on the level of rules-aesthetics.

The idea is that you should be able to see a glimpse of what your character looks like when you’re planning her.


Unchained Cunning, we are remastering it! We also made sure to incorporate new information and ideas were possible. I feel like getting stuffed into a jar of preservatives is compenidum high on that list, myself.

Kitsune have the following racial traits. Sell compnedium the Open Gaming Store! Everyman Gaming August Products August is actually going to be a HUGE month for Compfndium Gaming, mostly because we have one new product, two major updates to existing products, and print versions for all four products coming out! Absolutely spectacular, if I do say so myself! There will be information on where you can go to report on the PDF when we get closer to that point.


After she has selected Magical Tail eight times, she instead chooses one of her Magical Tail spell-like abilities and increases the number of times per day that she can cast it by one. That isn’t going away in the Dynastic Races Compendium, but its also not how we’re going to primarily present them. In either form, it displays physical grace and natural beauty. Currently I have Jacob working on something that, while not directly related to the DRC, will likely excite many backers—the print version of Microsized Adventures!

Love, love, LOVE this picture! Specifically, you can choose from the following titles:. Share this project Done. Danshi is reading the misconceptions about his people with amusement. Each Kitsune has two shapes—a slender and attractive human form and its True Form of an anthropomorphic fox. Even if you’ve purchased the Kitsune Compendium and the Samsaran Compendiumthe layout for the DRC might look a bit different to you.

Kitsune with a Charisma score of 11 or higher gain the following spell-like ability: In order to make it work as a print product, we had to completely update everything in Microsized Adventures, from the text to the rules to the sections.


The Culture section for these chapters got a HUGE amount of additional material added to them compared to their previous iterations—in all, they’re eight pages long each.

Kitsune with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: I’m super pleased to be bringing this section back into the book, and I’m also a huge fan of this agathion piece, which was originally published in Everyman Unchained: She cannot select a spell-like ability more than once in this way. Into the Wintery Gale: Fill out your survey pronto.

Dynastic Races Compendium for Pathfinder RPG by Owen Stephens — Kickstarter

Below are some of the neat new pieces of art that we had commissioned for Microsized Adventure’s print version: Part of that reason is that racial iitsune isn’t sprinkled throughout each race—instead, all rules elements are categorized in the back of the book, in a special options section.

For instance, the kitsune section features a blurb on how kitsune view oni. Remedial shapechanging — difficult, non-overpowered healing for shapechangers as an optional rule, limited daily to prevent abuse comlendium expandable via new feats — thematically fitting, logical and concise — two thumbs up!