Buy the JVC RMLP55U RM-LP55U at Full Compass. The JVC RM-LP55U is a remote control unit for KY-F55BU 3-CCD All-Purpose Color Camera (Less Lens). Effective March 1, JVC Professional Products Company is offering to extend the Manufacturer’s Warranty to 3 years (parts & labor) at no charge on the. Only when the frame rate of the [ SlotA_B Frame & Bit Rate] and [ SlotB_B Frame & Bit Rate] items in the [Record Format] menu of the camera recorder is set to.

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Focus Assist works equally in the viewfinder as well as on the LCD panel. Safe area indications are available for popular aspect ratios including 2.

Functions Operable from the Remote Control Unit

Connect the remote control unit to the camera recorder. Dealer locator Contact us Product database. Canon’s internal focusing system minimizes “breathing” compared with typical focusing systems. The composite output can also be provided when playing back recorded high definition material.

JVC Pro Product Overview Page

Basic Operations in Menu Screen. Connect the remote cable of the remote control unit to the [REMOTE1] terminal located at the terminal section fm-lp55u this camera recorder. Its superior MTF provides higher resolution than typical “stock” lenses.

When in the camera mode, a blue LED lamp outlines the disk. Unlike some oversized hand held models, the GY-HM becomes part of the shooter similar larger cameras but without the fatigue associated with them.


JVC Pro Technical Description

The handle has been redesigned for better carrying balance, and to accommodate wearing gloves in cold weather. Display Screen in Camera Mode. Moreover, SDHC media is the first practical solid state solution to physical archive.

Kvc the relay mode, the camera automatically begins recording on the second card when hvc first card fills up. The LED can be turned off with a menu choice. In the HQ mode, the encoder operates with a variable bit rate average of 35Mbps. Modules effectively become part of the camera with no unsightly exposed cables.

The camera features an “image flip” function that corrects for the inverted image produced by prime lenses. Its sturdy reinforced die-cast aluminum chassis and LED light source ensure years of trouble-free operation. Cross-key control makes menu navigation a breeze.

Versatile input switching and independent channel assignment allow both mic and line-level sources such as wireless receivers to be connected, and phantom power is available on each XLR connector independently. This new all-digital viewfinder displays images with more than 5 times jbc resolution of typical color viewfinders.

This compact recorder attaches directly to the GY-HM without an adapter. Furthermore, using a global shutter, the design minimizes wobbling during quick pans and fixed pattern noise in low light conditions, contributing to a more stable image. No additional cabling is required. Menu Display and Detailed Settings. The ASI signal is ideal for longer cable runs up to feet and can be fed to a microwave or satellite transmitter.


MPEG2 long GOP rm-kp55u the most widely accepted broadcast standard compression supported by all popular editing systems and broadcast servers. Playback signals are not available through this connector.

The file format and data rate of the clips on each card will be identical. Scene File Function The RM-LP55U has a memory for storing two sets of camera set-up, which can be readily called up and applied directly to the connected camera.

Connecting a Remote Control Unit

Special Order Update Location close. Managing the Network Rm-kp55u Settings File. The signal can come from either the camera or from memory playback. There are 4 modes of spot metering: Data transferred with the remote control to the camera stays in the camera even if the remote control is disconnected. The same values can be obtained individually with the Max and Min settings.

We will authorize your payment method for the full advertised amount when you order this item, but you will not be charged until your item ships. The Quick Review function is available in the record-pause mode and allows the videographer to play back the first 5 seconds or the last 5 seconds of each clip, or the entire clip. For standard definition applications, in addition to.

This item is noncancelable and nonreturnable.