Though labeled a sequel to Old Man’s War, The Ghost Brigades is very much a While it expands upon ideas introduced in the earlier novel, John Scalzi. Rather than continue the story of John Perry, year-old recruit to the Colonial Defense Forces, The Ghost Brigades shifts focus to the. The Ghost Brigades is the second book in the Old Man’s War series. The Ghost Brigades are the Special The Ghost Brigades cover. Book. Author, John Scalzi.

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Retrieved 10 May View all 4 comments. Even the scientific issues, which are more numerous this time, are still delivered in a very approachable way even for an inexperienced sci-fi reader like myself.

In all fairness both books are probably very good but I just do not fancy ghosh them.

The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi

That said – I did enjoy the story. The self discovery of a transferred consciousness into a new body is also not as novel as it was. I liked it and will read more of this absorbing series. The book suffers a little from being the second in a series where the Universe is not as “new” as it was in the first book.

Overall, still a decent read–a filling bowl of soup on a cold night. And not that bullshit science where you shake your head and think ‘Didn’t one friend of his tell him how awful this was’.

A fascinating and action oriented start tease the reader into adrenalin surge. Consciousness transfer, somewhere Poul Anderson is grinning.

The narration doesn’t follow John Perry but in fact two members of the Ghost Brigade, section of the military introduced briefly in the first book, Jane Sagan providing the only real link between the ghosst. But even worse when one of those emotionally stunted children, aware of their personhood for less than a year, is settled with the memories of another, from whom they have been created, but are not them?


The thriller aspect of having a soldier made to receive the mind of a traitor opens another can of worms. The theory is that scxlzi the experience and wisdom of age with the vitality of youth will make for a more formidable soldier.

We learn a brigwdes more about the universe in this book, especially the Ghost Brigades of course. Like in most Scalzi books, dialogue can be irritating at times depending on your personal preference for snark and your italics-to The sequel to Old Man’s War follows the titular Ghost Brigades including Jane Sagan from OMW as Scalzi expands his universe and further explores the moral and ethical implications of tube-grown soldiers and a space military that reports only to itself.

They came out a few years before you filmed Avatar. To prevail, the CDF must find out why Boutin did what he brgiades. I’ll be continuing with the series, but with a little less enthusiasm, and a little more warily. Last but not least: They are gghost the Consu, the super advanced race of religious zealots we were introduced to in the first book.

SF : The Ghost Brigades / John Scalzi ★★★★

To ask other readers questions about The Ghost Brigadesplease sign up. I want them all to die. Eat the fucking cookie.

It’s that they know no other means to get what they want. But the attempt at the latter doesn’t seem to work. Supposedly random, but is it?

Left behind is an archived copy of his consciousness, part of Jon research into consciousness transfer. Could you hit the button for the top floor, please? Can I go now, please?

But it was your freedom of choice that enabled you to choose my review. This is a cool science fiction novel that has elements of murder mystery and James Bond.

Before reading this book, a bunch of people had told me that it wasn’t very good, didn’t live up to its predecessor, Old Man’s War. Still decent, mind you–I wouldn’t throw it out–but I also wouldn’t enter it in any competitions. Additionally, more emphasis has been placed on the character development. The sequel to Old Man’s War follows the titular Ghost Brigades including Jane Sagan from OMW as Scalzi expands his universe and further explores the moral and ethical implications of tube-grown soldiers and a space military that reports only to itself.


I thought the plot was better in this one than in Old Man’s War.

I think you could read this book as a stand-alone, but I suggest you don’t. I really enjoyed this book, sccalzi to read, compelling and plain fun. You’re also treated to same humor as the rest of his books, which I always enjoy. This new soldier is Jared Dirac and he is the central character of the Ghost Brigades.

The Ghost Brigades [Apr 10, ]. It’s not delivered in a way that people actually talk to one another. Time is running out: Well, that does sound pretty good. The CDF has discovered they had a traitor in their midst but he has escaped and instigated an alliance between three different species with the outcome being they team While I didn’t love it as much as Old Man’s Warit was still a really good story.

Unlike the first book, there was a lot of action. Even Jane from the first book was bhost one dimensional.

The Ghost Brigades

The book touches on these matters, but in the end takes the same approach as Jared Dirac does: It was also missing the humor that made ‘Old Man’s War’ so much fun. It also does a good job of setting up some future conflicts that – I’m assuming – we’ll be seeing in the next installments. On the other, this lightness means ghosh Ghost Brigades is written in a very pleasant, easy-to-read style without unnecessary overload. I’m looking forward to reading The Last Colony, and I hope that it’s a similar deal in that, too.