Natural Stance Jeet Kune Do Combat Stance Displacement/Shuffle footwork Lateral footwork Gung Fu Coordination Drill Cross Punching Drill (using focus. The Rebel Wing Chun Focus Mitt Drills video has got you covered. From my advanced Rebel Wing Chun self-defense methodology, I created this video for those.

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JKD’s founder emphasized fitness over and over with his students! So, what are the core philosophies of Jeet Kune Do?

Certification sounds rather limiting and linear…. Then there are those instructors who have studied both ways and then chosen the way that fits them best. By Sifu Lamar M.

Jeet Kune Do Skills and Workouts – MotleyHealth®

My goal has always been to make my puzzle as complete as possible so that I could share my knowledge with others and help to perpetuate Jeet Kune Do! Is Jeet Kune Do a complete art Yes JKD is a well rounded martial art with three phases of learning if all original phases are included as we have done.

Long range is defined as the distance where no contact can occur to the distance where you can reach the opponent by using JKD’s longest weapon to the nearest target principle.

Don chi sao, or single arm sticking, develops the fighter’s sensitivity to straight line motion. Classical uniforms with belts or sashes Remember the non-classical attitude in training.

The double-end bag is used to develop timing, speed, power and reflexes. I am curious, why is certification so important when it is supposed to be based on the idea of fighting without boundaries, styles and systems?

There are schools claiming to teach Jeet Kune Do popping up everywhere and seminars being taught every weekend all around the country! One of the most useful pieces of equipment for the Jeet Kune Do practitioner is the mook jong, or wooden man dummy, from the Wing Chun system of Chinese gung fu. No one has trained more JKD students than us. I am sure that this lyric is in reference to the Way of the Intercepting Fist. What is not Jeet Kune Do? Emphasis on grunting and bowing every time you turn around Jeet Kune Do has a salute which is used before and after training, when a student enters class late and before and after a sparring match.


This is also where close quarter grappling movements such as chokes, strangles and neck-breaks occur! After all, when a skyscraper is built, does the construction crew start with the roof or the foundation!

Medium range is the primary combination range. Higher level Jeet Kune Do practitioners can stick, trap and strike with blinding speed and incredible accuracy while blindfolded due to this highly specialized area of training! Style is not important, winning is. A sure way to lose a fight. Once the fighter understands the tools applied in each range, and how to apply them, he is well on the way to the development of good offensive skill! Our guess is that he would have added more weapons.

What is Hardcore Jeet Kune Do?

The more that you learn about each period, the more complete your puzzle becomes. Of course, these students didn’t mind this at all because by participating in this, they were also learning it!

Even with that information we may need to see you in action in person or via video of some sort. When you test for rank progression you will be sent corrections and suggestions for improvement if needed via email direct from the World Jeet Kune Do Federation President as he is the only one who grades tests and approves rank certificates. There is no difference in instruction in person or from DVD.

There must be a method to be learned not just a bunch of moves thrown together for an end. In a true Jeet Kune Do class, you should see elements of training in all three ranges.


Jeet Kune Do Skills and Workouts

We may also customize your instructor test, and request video of the requirements being demonstrated. Many prominent fighters such as Joe Lewis and Dan Anderson have applied these five ways of attack to improve their performance in the ring!

It is really up to the individual, as each practitioner will find their own truth in the art of Jeet Kune Do. Although drilks background was in kung-fu Tai Chi, Wing Chun he studied high kicking styles, wrestling, Western boxing, karate, Jujitu, fencing and many others. If you are seriously interested, we hope to hear from you!

Where was Bruce Lee born?

What is Hardcore Jeet Kune Do?

What is Jeet Kune Do? Every empty hand attack ever conceived will fall into one of these five categories, which were first clearly defined by Bruce Lee. My movements are simple, direct and non-classical.

Jeet Kune Do practitioners use several unique pieces of equipment for this purpose. Another useful piece of training equipment is a piece of paper or x-ray film.

Some kung-fu systems, such as Southern Praying Mantis, use this method. Jeet Kune Do is about breaking down barriers, not creating new jid. Wing Chun Gung Fu should be an important part of your training! He also traveled extensively giving demonstrations of his Jeet Kune Do. That is the way it is supposed to be! Another factor to be considered is their lineage.

No one sells more JKD training materials than we do, period. What are the main theories, principles and techniques involved?