A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Moment of Freedom by Jens Bjørneboe. MOMENT OF FREEDOM: The Heiligenberg Manuscript by Jens Bjorneboe’s Witness/Searcher recites his existential primer–to stay sane one. Booktopia has Moment of Freedom, B by Jens Bjorneboe. Buy a discounted Paperback of Moment of Freedom online from Australia’s leading online bookstore.

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The narrator is a court clerk, a servant of justice. They were so lyrical in their own right.

Moment of Freedom: The Heiligenberg Manuscript by Jens Bjorneboe – FictionDB

They were mentioned in Stockholm and appeared to be on a par with eschatologists and scholastics. Beside the old man are standing in the same all-effacing and flickering light the old wife, a momrnt child, and a young woman. Recommended to Rakhi by: We see him striving to live uncoerced by power, unpersuaded by friends, to take for himself the liberty of stating his critique in order to live in his own moment of truth, to stand “far out at the edge of the abyss.

I was fascinated with the detail he used to explain how the forests and land at Verdun, Flanders et al were revitalized by the number of corpses buried there and the metric tons of excrement left there by the hundreds of thousands of momrnt There is no point trying to review this awesome book as there are many excellent reviews posted on the goodreads site. But perhaps it is better than a perfect book.

At thirteen he attempted njorneboe by hanging himself.

And who was Nietzsche? Time and again I. It is said that you can foresee your own death when you make an utterance to that effect during your life or if you bjornebie already tried to end your own life. Quotes from Moment of Freedom In our momen excellent times, many have noticed that the world to a certain degree bears the stamp of wars and acts of violence.


He began drinking when he was twelve, and he would often consume large amounts of wine when his parents were away. They want food, insurmountable mountains of food.

If you are faint of heart, you may find this book disturbing. Het is gemakkelijker om van deze ‘autobiografische roman’ te zeggen wat het niet is dan wat het wel is: But aside from freevom records he has been keeping his own long and detailed account of man’s cruelty to man in a massive twelve-volume study he calls his History of Bestiality.

But it is compelling, and often fascinating, a text that momeht pause and makes the reader both think and feel. If one ever gets over it, does one come out of bjonreboe as a healthy man or as a spiritual invalid? What on earth would our beloved, stinking, beautiful Europe have become without our dope fiends, drunkards, homosexuals, consumptives, madmen, syphilitics, bed-wetters, criminals, and epileptics?

What the narrator lives freedo, and relates is everyday life, on the periphery of what seem the most significant events and horrors — and what he shows is that man’s perfidy dominates even or: All I know is that it ducked that temptation. This was an amazing drunken ride, exploring myriad themes now familar with centures of Continental literature.

For the way it works is not unlike the way memory works when we jump from one thing to another. One day in the courtroom he notices that the judge is much too engrossed in looking at something concealed in his folder to pay attention to the proceedings.

Moment of Freedom: The Heiligenberg Manuscript

Is the significant sliver of freedom followed by a blinding fteedom of truth burdensome in some inexplicable way? Apr 24, Paul Martin rated it really liked it Shelves: Now and then the world and reality lose all coherence and become in the higher sense non-figurative. He says that the last thing his father ever said to him was this: Moment of Freedom – UK. During this exile, he met the German Jewish painter Lisel Funk, who later became his first wife.

I appreciated that the bears constantly referred to are human beings but as for the lemurs. Makes perfect sense, but I have never heard anyone explain it that way let alone do the math. Do not recommend – extremely depressing. There isn’t one normal person who has done a useful or lasting thing: If one takes away the mlment, then we’re just standing still.


Lists bnorneboe This Book. He diligently performs his duties in the day and by the night, he returns to the dubious comfort of his home to make another frightful entry in the records which carry the motif: Living there, he is confronted by a longer tradition of culture and bestiality side by side.


They want to eat the world, and to eat the world they must have all the money and all the things, all the cars and fur coats on the earth. This may sound strange, but the sight of this truth about the world freedo me the first feeling of freedom which I’d had in many years. Whilst the narrator was concerned with the outside world and the injustices of mankind, the latter was concerned with the inner mysterious realms of her mind but then more of her in a later book.

I had questions though. There’s so much in here and it is not boring for a second. The Servant’s memoir of Praiano is feredom nightmare, recalling his stay in a red-brick town, where he sees the sky bleed, the walls leak blood, and wades ankle-deep in blood, and where he repeatedly encounters a sick, puking cat. Does it only come in the face of death when all illusion is finally lifted or when one takes responsibility?

After reading the author’s biography, I have to recognize that the initial statement is not quite correct. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m sure, but mine anyway. Open Preview See a Problem?