The IGCT is a gate-controlled turn-off switch which turns off like a transistor but conducts like a thyristor with the lowest conduction losses. Figure 1 shows turn- off. Basic design rules and handling / application recommendations for IGCT Gate Units .. The connector X1 is specified in the corresponding IGCT data sheet. mm. Height h. ± mm. 41 mm. Width IGCT w. ± mm. mm. 1) Maximum rated values indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur.

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Contact information What would you like to do? This project was motivated by the success and feasibility of impedance measurements and impedance-based controls at the low voltage level. Discussion with ship yard leaders led to a strong endorsement to have a solution as close to Simulin k [] as possible. This version of model is intended for simulation of linear circuits that were distributed only on two parts.

Itct addition, collaboration with software vendors permits the information developed in this project to help inform the commercial development. The rack moves in the positive direction when the voltage at node A with respect to node B positive.

The second aspect of this effort was the use of the component models to study the three aforementioned systems. The primary reason for this failure to completely model the systems was related to the datzsheet of simulation engine. However, they do have a parasitic impedance to ground that can be measured by VNA measurements while not energized and by fault tests when in operation.

Typically the cooling fluid is saltwater seawaterfreshwater, or chilled water. The synchronous machine and excitation system is illustrated in Figure 1.


This proved to be rather trying on the part of the simulationists involved in this effort. This model represents a multiphase lossy transmission line. The output of the regulator is a commanded inductor current that is used for hysteresis-based switch-level control. The user selectable parameters include the conductor materials, and the size and physical arrangement of the conductors. Today, however, it is not possible to conduct the required simulations of large shipboard models due to the length of time required to complete the solution when using commercial software and desktop computers.

Please try again later or go to https: The principal focus of the study performed under this project was to provide the ship architect with information and tools for completing steps 1 and 5 for the design of the baseline MVDC ship electrical system. The stator is manufactured using laminated metallic sheets to minimize the eddy currents induced by the rotating flux.

This paper explores various power cable challenges for notional electric ship applications including future technology trends for shipboard power cables.

Test applications feasible at CAPS concerned 3.

Integrated gate-commutated thyristors (IGCT) | ABB

The input and output ports are modeled as signal ports. Please fill in required fields. The connection is a signal coupling done by modified nodal analysis.

Simulation results are presented to show the performance of the prognosis method. However, employing converters which limit the fault current on the DC side to levels around nominal current values open up the opportunity to essentially eliminate the impact of high transient fault currents on the MVDC side.

This model wraps a model made by ACSL. As a result of the research, investigations can now be performed for studying the experimental power system setup of Purdue University to support the research for All-electric ship.


Integrated gate-commutated thyristors (IGCT)

However, it was also noted that stability may be an issue with this approach. A diagram of the voltage control loop is shown in Figure 3. One critical aspect was the pro-tection of experiments due to the uniqueness of the proposed tests. Such an approach should be much more robust, and more open to modification if needed. Voltage regulation is achieved through a combination of the feedback and feed forward control paths that are shown in Figure 2.

It has been estimated [1] that, on average, approximately tons of waste heat is rejected from an Arleigh Burke class warship. The shipboard power system model provided in this report acts as a first pass for simulation assisted studies involving fault management in MVDC systems.

As the push for advanced shipboard power systems leads to incorporation of power-electronics based converter systems, system integration concepts that preserve stability has become a major research thrust. Check back regularly to see if new content has been added. Note, that while SCR-type converters can interrupt fault currents at the next zero crossing of the AC current significant transients remain on the DC side.

The arrangement is that the program is provided on the web through a private link between NPS and the University of Texas at Austin. In the AES concept, prime movers are connected directly to generators, from which electrical power is sent to propulsors via motor drivesand also to other ship systems.