Download Hp n Printer Manual Pdf hp customer care online services for 24hour access to information by using a modem or internet connection world wide. Getting started guide—Provides step-by-step instructions for installing and .. Some print media might meet all of the guidelines in this manual and still not. View and Download HP n – Color LaserJet Laser Printer service manual online. Service Manual. n – Color LaserJet Laser Printer Printer pdf manual .

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Table of contents 1 Product information Quick access to printer information Installing optional Tray List of tables Table Printer features Table sheet input tray cassette Figure PCB assembly location Tray Product information This section provides information about the following topics: Quick access to printer information User guide Contains detailed information for using the printer and troubleshooting problems.

It is also available through the HP Toolbox software. Getting started guide Provides step-by-step instructions for installing and setting up the printer. Manuual printer automatically hl2600n electricity by substantially reducing power consumption when it is not printing. For HP supplies only. Walk around The following illustrations identify the locations and names of key components of this printer. Front view shown with optional Tray 3 Figure Front view shown with optional Tray 3 Output bin Printer control panel Front door Tray 2 sheets Tray 1 single sheet priority feed slot Tray 3 optional; Model and serial number location The model number and serial numbers are listed on identification labels located on the rear of the printer.

If you continue printing after the supply is empty, damage to hp2060n printer can occur. See Hewlett- Packard limited warranty statement. Hp26600n area Supplies gauges Print cartridge colors are indicated from left to right: Supported drivers Software and supported operating systems For easy printer setup and access to the full range of printer features, HP strongly recommends that you install the software that is provided.

Printer drivers A printer driver is a software component that provides access manula printer features and provides the means for the computer h;2600n communicate with the printer. Using Help The printer driver has Help dialog boxes that can be activated from the Help button in the printer driver, the F1 key on the computer keyboard, or the question mark symbol?

The uninstaller guides you through removing the printing system components. This repair is not covered by the Hewlett-Packard warranty or service agreements. Paper for inkjet printers may damage the printer. Care should be taken not to purchase more paper than can be easily used in a short time about three months. Paper stored for long periods can experience heat and moisture extremes, which can cause damage.

Planning is important to prevent damage to a large supply of paper.

HP Color LaserJet n Printer User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Unopened paper in sealed reams can remain stable for several months before use. When selecting envelopes, consider the following components: Before printing, envelopes should lie flat with less than 6 mm 0.

Labels Select the type of label that you are using from the Print dialog box or the printer driver. To prevent serious jams, always use Tray 1 or Tray 2 to print on labels. Never print on the same sheet of labels more than once or print on a partial sheet of labels. The printer supports a wide range of standard and custom sizes of print media.


Check the printer driver for supported sizes. Capacity can vary depending on media weight and thickness, and environmental conditions. Hewlett-Packard mamual not guarantee results when printing with other types of manuql paper. Optional Tray 3 specifications Installation This chapter contains information about the following topics.

Site preparation Below are recommendations for the printer location and placement. Operating environment The printer must be hp2600h in a proper location manuual maintain the performance level that has been set at the h;2600n. In particular, be sure that the environment adheres to the specifications listed in this chapter. There must be enough space around the printer for proper access and ventilation Minimum system requirements The minimum system requirements for the HP Color LaserJet n printer are listed below: Install input devices Installing optional Tray 3 Turn off the power switch on the printer.

Unplug the power cable. Place the printer on optional Tray 3, aligning the three 3 pegs on Tray 3 with the holes on the printer. Loading Tray 1 Tray 1 the single sheet priority feed slot prints single sheets of print media or a single envelope. For information about loading special print media such as envelopes, labels, and transparencies, see Print-media specifications. To load Tray 1 Media guides ensure that the media is correctly fed into the printer and that the print is not skewed.

Slide the media-width guides slightly wider than the print media. Feed print media into Tray 1 with the side to be printed down, and the top, short edge in kanual. Installing supplies Print cartridges When a print cartridge approaches the end of useful life, the control panel displays a message recommending that you order a bp2600n.

The printer can continue to print using the current print cartridge manua the control panel displays a message instructing you to replace the cartridge. The printer uses four colors and has a different print cartridge for each color: Remove the new print cartridge from the bag. Place the used print cartridge in the bag for recycling. Grasp both sides of the print cartridge by the blue handles and distribute the toner by gently rocking the print cartridge from front to back.

Align the print cartridge with the tracks inside the printer, and using the handles, insert the print cartridge until it is firmly seated. Firmly close the front door.

Turn on the printer. After a short time, the control panel should display Ready.

NOTE If a cartridge is in the wrong slot or is the wrong type for the printer, the control panel will display one of the following messages: Incorrect yellow, Incorrect magenta, Managing and maintenance This chapter contains information about the following topics.

You can check the supplies status by using the printer control panel, printing a Supplies Status page, or viewing the HP Toolbox.

Hewlett-Packard recommends that you place an order for a replacement print cartridge when you first receive the Order message for a print cartridge. For typical use, the Order message indicates that approximately two weeks of life remains. Because they are not HP products, HP cannot influence their design or control their quality.

Service or repairs required as a result of using a non-HP supply will not be covered under the printer warranty. Cleaning the printer During the printing process, paper, toner and dust particles can accumulate inside the printer. Over time, this buildup can cause print-quality problems such as toner specks or smearing. This printer has a cleaning mode that can correct and prevent these types of problems. This printer has two processes for generating cleaning pages: To clean the engine when the computer is running an operating system that does not support HP Toolbox, see the late-breaking Readme on the root of the CD-ROM, or visit http: Calibrating the printer The printer automatically calibrates at various times.


You can adjust the calibration settings by using the HP Toolbox. Environmental differences or aging print cartridges might cause fluctuations in image density.

The printer accounts for this with image stabilization control. The printer automatically calibrates at various times to maintain the highest level of print quality. Operational theory This chapter contains information maual the following topics. Engine control system Basic sequence of operation The operational sequence of the printer is controlled by the microcomputer on the DC controller printed circuit board PCB.

The purposes of each yp2600n, from power-on until manial main motor stops after the completion of printing, are listed below. See General timing chart for a detailed timing chart. Figure Engine control system Power-on sequence The power-on sequence is for the purpose of the printer initialization and checking for possible malfunctions.

The following is the sequence from when the printer is turned on until it enters STBY mode. The specifications of each motor are listed in the following table. Ph2600n formation system The image formation system serves as the nerve center of the printer and forms a toner image on paper.

It is controlled by the DC controller. The principal process of image formation is described here. The print process can be broadly divided into 5 stages with 7 steps.

HP n User Manual | Page 21 / 52

A toner image is formed on paper as it goes through each process. The following figure illustrates the stages and steps of the print process as follows. Electrostatic latent image formation stage Forms an electrostatic mmanual image on the photosensitive drum. It consists of the laser driver PCB, the scanner motor, and so forth.

HP 2600n User Manual

Figure Laser beam exposure Developing stage Figure Developing stage The toner has an insulating property and has negative charge potential from friction with the rotating developing cylinder and the developing blade surface. The area of the photosensitive drum, where the laser beam is exposed, has higher potential than the toner, which is ho2600n negatively on the cylinder. Figure ETB unit Transfer stage The transfer stage is to transfer the toner image on the photosensitive drum surface onto paper.

The toner on the photosensitive drum surface is transferred nanual the paper according to the positive charge from the back side of the paper. Separation stage Figure Separation stage