Tazkirat al-Awliyā also transliterated as Tadhkirat al-Awliya or Tazkerat-ol-Owliya , is a An abridged version of Tazkirat al-Awliyā was translated into English by A.J. Arberry, entitled Muslim Saints and Mystics:Episodes from the Tadhkirat. Buy Hilyatul Awliya wa Tabaqatul Asfiya By Shaykh Abu Nuaym Ahmad ); Language: English; ASIN: BOQBR1E; Average Customer Review: Be the. Hilyatul Auliya Li Abi Nu’aim,. Ibn Asaker,. Ibn Abi Dunya,. Ibn Abi Hatim. More than 8 times in Kanz Ul Ummal on the authority of Ibn Mardwaiya (Kanz Ul.

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Abu Bakr was also called al-‘At’iq the ancientfor he was one of few believers who embraced Islam englosh soon as they heard about the divine revealed message. We are Thy servants, and we have mounted this campaign for Thy sake. May He grant success to His servant.

Thus, they are in constant fear and reverence of their Lord, and they are cautious about any changes that might affect the conclusion of their life. They also fear the day when they will stand before their Lord, blessed is His name and holy are His attributes. As for the branch of struggle jihadit also has four branches, 1 to command what is good and beneficial; 2 to forbid what is evil and loathsome; 2 to enhlish the truth in its proper place; and 4 to forsake the company of evil people.

He must not pretend to notice others’ pitfalls. When Omar recouped, he would constrain himself to the confines of his house for some days.

Indeed, there is no benefit in any speech that does not solicit God’s acceptance, nor in a deed that is not done for His pleasure, and surely there is no benefit in a wealth which is not spent freely for Allah’s sake. The closest similitude to such a character is a freely grazing cattle. Fear Him with the Hilyat’ul Awliya Wa Tabaqat’ul Asfiya piety of the one who is terrified by the awljya of meeting such consequences, and who struggles to escape from any such associations that could drive him to be in such company.

At Targhib Wa Tarhib, 2 times Vol. May your knowledge be blessed.

Library – Zawiya Fellowship

Al-Zubair had four wives, and each one of them inherited one million and two hundred thousand Dirhams. He Hilyat’ul Awliya Wa Tabaqat’ul Asfiya also enjoined upon us duties He decreed that we must fulfill them during the night, and therefore. When a man gives up hope in having something, it means that he no longer needs it, and hence, abundance connotes absence of need.

His attributes cannot be fixed or limited. Although from a religious standpoint, our purpose in this work is not to expose the ill intentions of those who deny such divine gifts, however, it is our duty to disclose their schemes in order to distinguish truth from falsehood.


Thus, Allah’s servant must be constantly yearning and uneasy at the same time. Little did they smile, and yet, their faces were ever glowing like a radiant full moon. From that day on, the perfidy of the unbelievers and their ruses were heavily shaken, the weight of their numbers no longer influenced the balance of power, and their villainous stratagem was openly challenged and was doomed to failure.

He is grateful for it, and he shares its blessings with others. Such are God’s vice-regents on earth, and such are the callers to His religion.

Forsake your enemies, and beware of your close companions, except for the trustworthy ones, for nothing equals the worth of a trustworthy companion. The status of the saints is gilyatul that the person who is close to them is also blessed by Allah by virtue of that relationship.

To comfort you, I have chosen and elected the best of people to serve you. Moreover simphcity drives one’s carnality to contentment and snglish with little.

AhleSunnah Library

Knowledge earns its owner respect during his lifetime and praiseworthy remembrance after his death, while what money can do expires once it is spent. In fact, they are God’s proof on earth and His witnesses. When possible, and outside his public duties, ‘Ali was reclusive, ponderous, and he mostly spent his personal englisu in offering supererogatory devotion – 75 – Hilyat’ul Awliya Wa Hilyarul Alfiya to his Lord.

They claim that you are not going to appoint a successor, and yet, if you employ a shepherd, and should he leave the flock grazing in the field and come to see you for consultation without leaving an attendant, you would certainly consider him disloyal; surely caring for the people is a more serious duty than shepherding.

A shepherd called ‘Amir bin Fahirah, who had secretly embraced Islam, concealed knowledge of their whereabouts. Instead, He blessed you with countless favors, bestowed generous benedictions upon you, provided for you all what you need in this life, and He promised you every exalted reward for every moment of elation or adversity you experience in this world.

He does not grant anyone special status, favors, or exemptions, except with regards to obeying His command engliwh abstaining from what He forbids. Hence, when one seeks and allows reality to come to the surface, such innate unique essence will capture the entirety of the human being: A seeker on this path also must understand the characteristics of the carnal self nafsits evil and stimulants. He then renounced the comforts of this world, and dedicated all his entire wealth to serve God’s message.


If they are inspired to be grateful for Hilyat’ul Awliya Wa Tabaqat’ul Asfiya it, then it will be well deserved, otherwise, they become subject to His reprimand and they will engulf themselves in ongoing trials and tribulations.

Open your doors to the one who thinks well of Me. He anoints them with the perfume of His intimate ones. When he prays for rain, it will fall, when he prays for a barren land, its harvest will grow in abundance, and when he prays to God Almighty to lift a calamity, by God’s leave, it will be lifted. Hence, Omar, God be pleased with him, rose above worldly ranks to receive the glad tidings of his Lord’s blessings during his lifetime. Almighty Allah will rain His blessings and grants on them.

When he woke up in the morning, the marks of stones showed on his side, and the people would point out, saying: He clearly realizes the difference between truth and falsehood, and he lucidly discriminates between the ephemeral and the eternal, true existence and nullity.

His Lord awaits to bring him to stand before Him, few will know of his death, and fewer are his heirs. What do you want me to offer you, a banquet of sweet and sour food together with hot and cold drinks, or otherwise you would not stuff your bellies? When I opened the door, he entered our chamber and said: Therefore, whosoever develops an intelligent insight, he will be able to interpret the past and current events with wisdom, and he will recognize and take heed of the lessons of life.

Thus, his own piety becomes his observer, the Qur’an his guide, fear of wrongdoing his proof, nobility his trade, caution his companion, awe his mark, prayers his cavern, fasting his shield of protection, charity his relief, truthfulness his attendant, chastity his commander, and behind all of that stands the glory of his Lord to watch over his performance.

Seeing the present danger, the men of Bani Huthayl drew back, and they decided to wait until the nightfall, hopping that by night, the wasps would have left.

I paid my regards of peace and I sat near him. Comfort the heart of the one who is fearful of Me. They were so pleased with my courtesy, and they promised me a reward. When I completed the job, I washed my hands with some water, and I went to her with my hands stretched out to receive my wage.