Göran Sonesson, Lund University, Semiotics, Centre for language and literature, Faculty Member. Studies History, Philosophy, and Anthropology. Göran. Göran Sonesson, Lund University, Semiotics/Centre for cognitive semiotics, Faculty Member. Studies Cognitive Semiotics, Semiotics, and Pictorial Semiotics. Göran Sonesson, born , is a semiotician specializing in pictorial, cultural, and cognitive semiotics. In recent years, he has also been concerned with the.

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I am Professor of Semiotics at Lund University, where I direct the Semiotics Seminar sinceand head of the Snesson for cognitive semiotics, starting in I am the initiator of the doctorate in semiotics at Lund University which formally begun its existence in sonesdon Greimas, where I headed a section concerned with gestures.

Between andI conducted research in semiotics and linguistics in Mexico, particularly as applied to Mayan languages and culture.

New Semiotics

After I had graduated in general linguistics in Lund in and in semiotics in Paris the same year, I have mostly been involved in semiotic research. Semiotics is the science of meaning, not only in language. Most of the time I have been concerned to visual semiotics, the semiotics of gesture, cultural semiotics, the epistemology of semiotics, psychological-semiotic experiments with children and apes, and more, recently e, with evolutionary semiotics.

Since I returned to Sweden from France and Mexico inI have established semiotic research in this country. The focus of my research has recently been on the evolution and development of semiotic resources in human beings and children, first in the context of the project Language, Gestures and Images in a Semiotic Developmental Perspective SGBin collaboration between semiotics and linguistics and cognitive science, followed by the EU project Stages in the Evolution and Development of Sign Use SEDSUwhich was a collaboration with psychologists, primatologists and linguists in several parts of Europe, and most recently in the Centre for Cognitive Semioticswhich included representatives of semiotics, linguistics and several other human sciences at Lund University.

My most recent project, The Meeting of Them and Us MATUSinvolved encounters between cultures in terms of cultural semantic terms, divided into two periods, the discovery of other continents and present time. My book Pictorial concepts Lund: Lund University Press has gained international recognition as a fundamental contribution to visual semiotics.


In Swedish, I have also published the first comprehensive textbook that exists in any language in visual semiotics, Bildbetydelser Lund: I have also been one of the editors, with a special focus on visual semiotics, for Encyclopedia of Semioticspublished by Oxford University Press infor which I have also written many entries.

I am the author of the overviews of pictorial semiotics in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of SemioticsSebeok, T. De Gruyter Mouton DeGruyteras well as of the semiotics of photography in the International Handbook of Semiotics. The Cognitive Semiotics of Cultural Evolution.

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About the research After I had graduated in general linguistics in Lund in and in semiotics in Paris the same year, I have mostly been involved in semiotic research. Publications Books 4 Sonesson, G. Inledning till bildsemiotiken som vetenskap. Inquiries into the semiotic heritage and its relevance for the analysis of the visual world. Une machine a signifier: The cognitive semiotics of cultural evolution.

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