The first video cassette recorders were promoted in the s as an extension of broadcast television technology–a time-shifting device, a way to tape TV shows. From Betamax to Blockbuster: video stores and the invention of movies on video, by Joshua M. Greenberg, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, Early advertising for Sony’s Betamax told potential purchasers “You don’t have to miss In From Betamax to Blockbuster, Joshua Greenberg explains how the.

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It isn’t entirely irredeemable, but The House that Jack Built’ s familiar gimmicks say much more about Lars von Trier as a brand than as a provocateur or artist.

These top- down institutions served as closure mechanisms, establishing and mandat- ing a particular understanding of exactly what movies on video were, and thus how the video store should function. The Canonical History of the VCR The history of the VCR as a technology is surprisingly tricky to pin down, in no small part betqmax it has lived at least three distinct and often overlapping lives.

The 21 Best Album Re-Issues of Inthe music world saw amazing reissues spanning rock titans to indie upstarts and electronic to frmo of all stripes. Nov 01, Travis Wagner rated it it was amazing. Arguably, the VCR has performed a similar function. By the time the U. Help Center Find new research papers in: Though Griffiths was in fact a willing accomplice he was a client of the same tk that was representing Universal, and had agreed to be sued under the condition that no damages would be soughtmany other VCR owners saw the court case as an attack on their own personal lib- erties, a frame soon taken up by the popular culture constellation of maga- zines and newspapers.


Aaron marked it as to-read Jul 29, Storeowners and clerks became figures of authority, but the orientation of the video store toward movies rather than technology meant that their expertise was more filmic than technical.

Practical considerations, particularly the dimensions of the television screen versus that of the cinema, required consideration in the transfer of a movie from one medium to another.

From Betamax to Blockbuster by Joshua M. Greenberg

Inthe music world saw amazing reissues spanning rock titans to indie upstarts and electronic to pop of all stripes. Despite those memories, I’m not very knowledgeable about movies I did see the re-release of Star Wars in the theater. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I have a few memories of going to the little video store “in town” and renting videos.

On one level, VCRs and movies on video literally moved through a network of mediators in order to get from producers to consumers. It was only after mainstream movies were released on prere- corded videocassettes that the cassettes began to assume an importance of their own. Supreme Court decided by a five-to-four margin that home blockbusrer did not constitute copyright infringe- ment, setting in place a new understanding of the fair use of intellectual property,6 public opinion was decisively on the side of Sony and the ally it had played a part in forming, the Home Recording Rights Coalition, which was bteamax as fighting for the rights of citizens everywhere against the media behemoths.

At the same time, the new video technology was itself a medium, bringing movies into homes around the country and trans- forming movies from experiences into commodified goods. This device, they suggest, will be used to shift time, revolutionising television watching as viewers are released from the shackles of broadcast schedules and instead able to record output for later playback.


Return to Book Page. As such, its style and format is likely to be off-putting to a wide readership. Jackie Chan’s befamax Best Films.

From Betamax to Blockbuster by Joshua M. Greenberg – PopMatters

Analytically, therefore, he benefits, evading the need to frame his arguments with the disclaimer that future developments might throw a spanner into his theoretical works. There is no inherent reason that we should treat somebody watching a television set differently from somebody watching a hammer or a fork, but we do, because in the former case we come to our observation with the a pri- ori knowledge that the television brings information to the user from some distant sender.

From Betamax to Blockbuster. Images, albeit moving, which bockbuster once confined to one time viewing opportunities when broadcast or on the cinema screen, can now be stored, viewed, and reviewed at leisure. Jason marked it as to-read Feb 25, The 21 Best Album Re-Issues of In its everyday use, VCR technology led to a sociocultural shift, the outcomes of which remain with us today.

Printed and bound in the United States of America. This book is just just not for me as I think I really don’t care to understand that aspect of today’s culture. Excellent STS approach to the evolution of “movies on video. Jessica rated it really liked it Jan 20, You may own a collection of movies, stacked either physically alongside your televi- sion set or virtually in a program like iTunes.

At points it seemed like he was purposely trying to make the material more complicated than it was. Apr 25, Dave rated it really liked it.