Fenner Taper Lock® bushes are machined in cast iron and steel and are available in a full range of both metric and Imperial bores and keyways. They ha. You can find the largest assortment Taper Lock bushes metric bore at ERIKS. Choose from FENNER Taper Lock® bush metric bore size · Taper Lock® . Fenner Taper-Lock Weld-on Hubs are easy to install and are entirely suitable for use. where severe operating conditions are met. Tightening the screws.

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All quality manufacturers will also supply an installation instruction sheet with the bush. The Taper Lock cenner is pre-bored and keyed to match the required shaft and keyway diameters. Please Enter your contact details to continue Please enter your phone number. To view the demonstration video showing installation and removal of a Taper Lock bush, please Click Below.

This information is available from the installation sheet that accompanies any new Taper Lock bush.

The screws are then tightened further. It is computer-etched for ease of size identification and it may be manufactured in steel or stainless steel upon request. See example taped below figure 3or ask for this information at any CBC office.

Thank you for the request. Taper bushes are available in both imperial and metric shaft sizes, ranging from 0. Repeat this alternate hammering and screw tightening until the specified torque is achieved and no longer requires tightening following hammering.


I saw this product on industrybuying. Please share your feedback and help us improve! Insert the correctly sized key into the shaft keyway, denner the key is a press fit into the shaft keyway. Ensure that the Taper Lock bush is free in the hub, then slip the assembly onto the tapeer and locate in the desired position.

Using a fennwr and block, or sleeve, against the large end of the Taper Lock bush will help to avoid damage to the bushing. The Martin and Fenner Taper Lock bushes featuring the fourth hole make them a preferred option in higher speed applications where balancing of the drive is critical.

Taper Lock Bush Installation Video

Last sold on Rs. Thanks for contacting industrybuying! Pack of 1 pieces. Continue Browsing Continue to login.

FENNER Taper Lock® bush imperial bore size | ERIKS shop UK

Ask for quote and we will call you back within 48 hours with best price available on this product. This design is dynamically balanced for high speed applications and is available off the shelf at CBC outlets in a range of sizes, from to Insert screws into the holes that are threaded on the bushing side, as shown in Figure 2. Many other manufacturers generally manufacture Taper Lock bushes with an odd number of holes.

Expected price per piece. Email this to a friend or colleague!

Fenner Taper Lock Bush Pulleys (TLB Size 4545)

Taper Lock Bush Pulleys. We will get back to you shortly! The Taper Lock bush, also referred to as a Taper bush or Taper Fit bush, is a locking mechanism commonly used in Power Transmission Drives for locating pulleys, sprockets, and couplings to shafts.


Clean the shaft, the bore, the outside of the bushing, and the bore of the hub in which the bush is to be installed into, ensuring the bush is removed from the hub, should it already be installed. The outside of the bush is tapered to match the component bore that is to be located on the shaft. The presence of lubricant on the tapered surfaces is not desirable, as the taper bushing relies on friction to operate effectively, and lubricants reduce friction.

It is important to note that the holes need to be matched, not the threads. When installing or removing a Taper Lock bush, it is imperative that no lubrication be used between the taper.


Tighten the screws alternately until the bushing is loosened in the hub. Note that special bores and keyway sizes can be supplied by CBC on request. Installation of a Taper Lock Bush.

The Taper lock bush is manufactured from precision cast iron, and is machined to a high quality finish. Your password has been reset successfully. Both Martin and Fenner Taper Lock bushes are manufactured in their full range of bushes with an even number of holes, i.