An article on evaluation of dosage forms. Viscosity measurement: Viscosity is a property of liquids that is directly Higher the .. to be absorbed from a solid dosage form after oral administration, it must first be in solution, and. To conform the requirements of pharmaceutical oral liquids during manufacturing , in-process quality control (IPQC) tests are done as per. at developing oral administrable soft gels (liquid fill). pharmaceutical .. Table No Evaluation parameters of EVG liquid fill formulations.

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Liquids, in contrast, generally have better bioavailability and one such liquid dosage form is soft gel [ 2 ]. They are evaluztion prescribed for antiseptic action ex: They are available in monophasic and biphasic forms. Liquid state forms are meant for internal, parental or external use.

They are usually available in concentrated for with direction for dilution with warm water before use. Uniform distribution of active ingredient is very important to achieve dose uniformity.

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Liquid preparations meant for oral administration. Liquid filling formulations were prepared using PEGPG as water miscible solvents either alone or in combination, evaluuation water or ethanol as vehicle, with and without PVP K 30 and antioxidants.

Main Ingredients of elixir are ethyl alcohol, water, glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring agent, syrup and preservatives. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. Dissolution experiments were conducted in triplicate [ 14 ]. The drug content was within the acceptable range for all formulations indicating uniform distribution of drug, that is, solubilization of VAL in all the formulations. Biphasic liquid dosage forms: The pH of the formulations was about 6.

The comparative dissolution profile was shown in Figure 5. It helps to prolong the action of a drug. Wool wax, resins, beeswax and soaps formed from divalent bases like calcium, magnesium and zinc are used as an emulsifying agent.


Liniments contain medicaments possessing analgesic, rubefacient, soothing, counter irritant or stimulating properties. In general, the viscosity of liquid filling formulations for soft gels is in the range of 0. Orala, the selection of appropriate rpm was important in the development of soft gel formulations. It forms the film around the globules in order to scatter them indefinitely in the continuous phase, So that a stable emulsion o formed [ 86 – 90 ].

August 20, ; Published: This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. In rvaluation emulsions gum acacia, tragacanth, methyl cellulose, saponins synthetic substances and soaps formed from monovalent bases like sodium, potassium are used as an emulsifying agent.

The oil soluble hormones vitamin A,D and K are administered as intravenous injection. Liquid preparations meant for external application without friction. The drug is rapidly absorbed after oral administration and median values of 2.

Water is mainly used as a solvent for majority of monophasic liquid dosage forms. It contains two phases [ 73 – 80 ]. Liquid and semi liquid preparations meant for application to the skin. Nano Sci Nano Technol.


From Table 2VAL content was found to be These are generally used for cleaning the ear, softening the wax and for treating the mild infections [ 71 – 72 ]. The compatibility between the drug and excipients in formulations was confirmed by FTIR spectra.

Viscous liquid preparations used for mouth and throat infections. From Table 2the pH of all liquid filling formulations was suitable for further studies. Formulations were prepared using excipients like polyethylene glycol PEGpropylene glycol PGpolyvinylpyrrolidone PVP Kantioxidants, ethanol, and purified water. Biphasic liquid preparation containing two immiscible liquids, one of which is dispersed as minute globules in to the other.

From the studies, it can be concluded that VAL liquid filling formulations for soft gels were successfully prepared with in vitro dissolution properties superior when compared to VAL itself.


Monophasic liquid dosage forms are true or colloidal solution. Calamine lotion [ 49 – 50 ]. No clear reports were published on evaluagion liquid filling formulations for soft gel dosage liqiud in order to improve the in vitro dissolution properties and thereby oral bioavailability of VAL.

From the literature review, it is clearly evident that most of the works were published with cyclodextrin inclusion complexation [ 7 ], solid dispersions [ 89 ], self-microemulsifying drug delivery system [ 10 ], and other solubilization technologies for improving the solubility, dissolution, bioavailability, and pharmacokinetic properties of VAL.

Liquid Dosage Forms

Prepared formulations were evaluated for appearance, pH, drug content percentage, viscosity, stability, and in vitro dissolution studies. From Table 2 liuid, all the formulations were transparent in appearance. All the liquid filling formulations showed good physicochemical properties. The soft gel dosage form offers several advantages over other oral solid dosage forms, such as delivering a liquid matrix designed to solubilize and improve the oral bioavailability of evaluatio poorly soluble compound as a unit dose solid dosage form, delivering low and ultralow doses of a compound [ 3 ].

Clarity and color change are the most important characteristic features of liquid filling formulations. Viscous liquid and oral preparations that are generally prescribed for the relief of cough.

The consistency and viscosity of the filling formulations were related to each other because both were dependent on the concentration of PVP K They are applied direct to the skin with the help of some absorbent material such as cotton, wool or gauze soaked in it.

The drug contents were in the range off Evaluation parameters for VAL liquid filling formulations. View at Google Scholar C. August 24, Citation: In F5, evalustion was replaced with ethanol to evaluate the effect on VAL dissolution.