1 “Estebanillo Gonzalez, hombre de buen humor,” El furgdn de cola (Paris,. ), pp. Major critics who associate Estebanillo with the end of the tra-. Estebanillo González, hombre de buen humor: su vida y hechos contados por él mismo (Spanish Edition) [Vida y hechos de Estevanillo González.]. Estebanillo González, hombre de buen humor. Su vida y hechos contados por él mismo. on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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While Estebanillo’s is physically intact, spiritually and morally the mock-gelding fulfills its purpose.

Toerty marked it as to-read Aug 08, Open Preview See a Problem? In these two scenes we see a transformation occurring in Estebanillo when he becomes an active force beyond major events within the story world.

La Vida y Hechos de Estebanillo González. by Anonymous

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. However, to avoid being Laugh’d at, as 63 “But I, to gain the more reputation with my new Mistress pull’d out another Patacon, and calling back the Disconsolate Host, said, Now you are convinc’d, and demand nothing, there is what you ask’d.

Furthermore, by being forced into a series of exchanges that strip him of his natural honor and by which he receives protection and the privileges of a buffoon, he estebamillo the freedom and the liberty of the rake and becomes a person who has to contend with the melancholy of a lonesome life in a world where death and dishonor are ever present, and gojzalez, by and by, has to play the “Ingenious” role of the clown By articulating its sophisticated interplay between inversion and honor through the image of the picaro-buffoon, Estebanillo’s narrative elaborates the systematic exploration of the inauthentic that characterizes the picaresque82 in a way that transforms this exploration into a challenging discussion of freedom, individuality and the nature of mankind.

Alejandro rated it liked it Jan 07, Till the weight of our Blows, and the heaviness of our heads, made us both fall, and rendered us incapable of rising.

La vida y hechos de Estebanillo González: hombre de buen humor

Yet Estebanillo hesitates one last time: Oscar Gonzalez marked it as to-read Feb 23, Scherzo marked it as to-read Mar 08, Estebanillo by his own words is a man of the world, a chameleon like mercurial man that has a trump like quality, that is, he has the attributes of a joker, a trait that is enhanced by his transformation into a Buffoon later on, as such his embrace of pride and vanity do not only signify his sinful nature, but also signal the possibility of another interpretation.

Scherzo marked it as to-read Mar 08, Help Center Find new research papers in: Want to Read saving…. Catedra Ediciones June 30, Language: More importantly for our enquiry as to the treatment of honor, we can see that Estebanillo himself by way of his pure blood and respectable origins was once suitable for a honor that befitted his middle class descent 19, and that due to his actions he has wasted that honorable potential.


I told them, it had troubled me sufficiently, as long as I could get no Wine, which had such a wonderful Effect on me, that as soon as ever I drank any, it dispell’d all Melancholy….

As a result of this encounter the prince overturns the verdict, and Estebanillo has his first brush with buffoonery: It is important to note that when gonza,ez trough the social and literary aspects, Estebanillo is indeed estebannillo mongrel between two vastly different cultures. Four strapping Soldiers of the Garrison took hold of me, and letting down my Breeches, laid me on a great Table, binding my Hands and Feet, fastening a Ligature about the place where the dreadful Separation was to be made.

The Surgeon took up his Incision Knife, and holding it up, began to draw near to the place of Execution.

But this is in fact not the case, Estebanillo clearly sees that while he will gain the freedom to cross the boundries of estate and protocol as a estfbanillo, he will subjugate himself to the will of another. Houghton Mifflin Company, Read more Read less. This motif of battle and looting repeats in another battle scene, this time in the year outside of Leipzig. When suddenly, through a dues ex machina in the form of the entering page, the tragic outcome is averted.

After the last battle scene, where Estebanillo declares himself to be an Arch- Coward in a pseudo-ecclesiastical hierarchy, his self-assurance and renown become such as to make him consider joining the nobility: He starts reflecting on “what a fading Flower Beauty is; how quickly Youth passes away; how insensibly Death draws on; and what mighty Alterations every Day produces Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: The following excerpt is from a duel scene gnozalez Estebanillo and an extremely obese coward that occurs shortly after the battle: Only when he is surrounded by persons who have no honor, his “Subjectified” and “Objectified” honor are up to par with each other.

Estebanillo González – Wikipedia

Thus Estebanillo undergoes a second “death”, this time the death of the coward. For a detailed description on the recruitment of Buffoons and the attitude of the nobility towards them in European history see: Therefore the words written in the following novel are his words, and his alone.

La vida y hechos de Es Estebanillo’s natural propensity to merriment, practical joking, drunken behavior, and folly in general are already glimpsed in the first phase of the narrative where the onset of Buffoonery is suggested when Estebanillo is bestowed with the jovial nickname “Monsieur d’ Alaigresse29” roughly- ‘Mister Gladsome’, by a French army captain who commands Estebanillo’s mercenary company.


Yet The Life of Estevanillo Gonzales is more than a parody, its elaboration on the picaresque, and parody of the satire, are tied together in an ingenious mixture that render this work into a unique text that encapsulated the tensions of early modern europe. This is completely up to par with the principles of self interest Estebanillo acquired in his raking life, he accepts this state of affairs, but finds an ingenious solution to his humiliating predicament- instead of feeling dishonored as he felt on the first occasion when he was physically abused by the nobility, he hijacks honor itself and reformulates it as a form of self interest that equates him with good living, which is after all the greatest advantage for a rake.

And again, there is no Man, tho’ never so Base or Mean, who when he has Committed so many Crimes that the world is too hot to hold him, or cannot tell where to get a Morsel of Bread, does not, at last, betake himself to this Refuge of Desperate Persons.

La Vida y Hechos de Estebanillo González. (Sepan Cuantos, #163)

Retrieved from ” https: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Guiterrez and compare with: No trivia or quizzes yet. When seen in this regard Estebanillo’s adoption of Pride and Vanity indicates Estebanillo assumes the decorum of “Gothic21” honor by which he seeks to create the impression of honorability through his conduct and therefore enhance his worth in the eyes of others.

When reading through the novel we can observe that Estebanillo undergoes a profound transformation- from a Middle Class child he becomes a homeless wanderer, he turns into a sharper, sailor, cook, petty merchant, thief, soldier, beggar, singer, servant, surgeon and many others24, all of which belong to the first phase of the narrative- what we might call Estebanillo’s raking life.

We shall now return to our discussion through a familiar motif- cowardice and war, the following discussion will eventually lead us to deal with Estebanillo’s ingenuity that was suggested by the narrator in the novel’s opening paragraph.

My only Concern, seeing his Highness Melancholy, was to Divert and make him Merry; sometimes telling him Passages of my own Life, and sometimes of other people. They [Count and the Captain] Challeng’d me to play at Hazard [after dinner], and each of them lugging out a handful of Pistoles, set estebwnillo parcel Ante Manum, against which, according to the Privilege of my new Profession, I set so many Cuffs on the Ear