Dynon Avionics’ D10/D Series Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS) are glass cockpit avionics that integrate all flight parameters into one optimized. DYNON AVIONICS EFIS-D10A The flight data are all ergonomically arranged onto a single, bright sunlight readable, color liquid crystal display to optimize. Dynon’s EFIS-D10A fits into a standard /8″ panel hole, making it an ideal candidate for replacing vacuum and electric attitude indicators. This innovative.

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Buyers may also want a built-in checklist feature and the D10A has it. D10 Series Flush Mount Bracket: The D10A and G5 share a feis electrical installation and both require GPS position for backing up the attitude solution.

Account Support Center Log In. But, expect a sizable installation effort to get this right.

Can I add a Dynon EFIS to an aircraft that was not originally shipped with — or does not have — an attitude indicator? The G5 calculates attitude using built-in inertial eis. If the ball is within the two vertical lines, you are in coordinated flight.

AP74 Flush Mount Bracket: The attitude-sensing platform uses modern MEMS rate sensors and accelerometers. It is a visual representation of lateral acceleration.

Dynon EFIS-D10A

BendixKing also announced the KI, an electronic replacement for its aging and maintenance-intensive analog KI flight director gyro. Aircraft owners who work on their aircraft e10a the supervision and approval of an appropriately rated mechanic could apply this STC to their aircraft in that manner.


Dynon’s EMS-D10 fits into a standard ” panel hole and rfis all engine instruments into one nice compact panel space saving device. This purpose-built design is unencumbered by burdensome operating systems that typically slow down performance and require long boot times.

Dynon’s remote compass module permits magnetic heading to be sensed in an area of the aircraft where magnetic interference is minimal. A hallmark of the EFIS-D10A’s e10a and a great safety feature is its ability to display the correct attitude within a few seconds of being powered on while in flight.

Dynon Remote Compass Dynon’s remote compass module permits magnetic heading to be sensed in etis area of the aircraft where magnetic interference is minimal. To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button below. Avionics Report January Issue. For features, we think the Dynon D10A wins, especially for the ability to connect a heading sensor. In a Cessnathe EFIS-D10A occupies a slightly larger area than the space available when a conventional attitude indicator is removed.

D10 Series Flush Mount Bracket: What is the pricing and availability of the EFIS systems configured for these applications? We did light s10a with the D10A and it never flagged its data. Can I install it myself? With a 7-inch diagonal color LCD d01a and a front bezel that measures 6.

Each company already had low-cost EFIS displays aimed exclusively for the experimental aircraft market. Battery backup provides power in event of aircraft electrical system failure. This harness is aircraft grade quality and provides connections to the instrument primary power, remote compass, PC connection, transponder, DSAB and audio output.

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All I want is an attitude indicator. Is there a gyro inside the EFIS? In this article, we put the two instruments side-by-side for a look at their differences and limitations.

Dynon Avionics | Flight Instruments | EFIS-D10A

What is the GPS for? In other words, you can not rearrange them. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews.

The recently-updated approved model list now covers many Efiw, Piper, Beechcraft, Grumman, Mooney, and Maule models. But for cost, installation ease, display quality and backup battery life, we prefer the G5.

Listing: EFIS-D10A

Who will be the first? Dynon’s EMS-D is the large screen-affordable engine monitor pilots have been anxiously waiting for. Does Dynon have PMA?

What can I do? Over 15, experimental and LSA aircraft already fly with Dynon glass panel products. Still, neither has what we really want – nav and autopilot functions. Pitch markings are spaced at 2. It has a display resolution of by pixels. The EFIS-D10A was originally designed to be installed by aircraft homebuilders with minimal experience, so professional installers will be impressed by how easy it goes in.

DSAB not only allows you to share the fun with your co-pilot but delivers Dynon generated data directly to the instrument in front of you whenever you call upon it. JavaScript feis to be disabled in your browser.