View and Download Eclipse AVNE owner’s manual online. DVD Video/USB Multi-Source Receiver/7” Wide Screen Monitor/Navigation/Built-In Bluetooth. /ECLIPSE” I Quick Start guide • English· 2 Espanal 28 G Fran~ais •••• 54 e cP FUJITSU TEN I For the safe usage of this device We appreciate your purchase of . FREE 2-day Shipping: Stunning graphics, superior performance Eclipse pulls out all the stops with the AVNE navigation receiver, Our take on the Eclipse AVNE by Crutchfield’s Zak Billmeier Eclipse AVNE Owner’s manual.

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Please read through this manual for correct operation. We suggest that after reading it you keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. The symbols described below are found in this instruction manual as well as on the device itself to insure its proper and safe usage and to prevent injury or damage to property. Make sure you understand the meaning of these symbols before reading the rest of this manual.

Warning Caution This sign indicates a situation in which incorrect handling through disregard of a sign might result in personal injury or may result solely in damage to property.

The following symbols will precede information useful for preventing damage to the main unit as well as for its smooth operation. Follow this advice to prevent malfunctions or damage to the main unit. Perform the indicated action in the event of a malfunction. Facts to keep in mind when operating.

Please use care in handling the avh726e. Forcefully spreading or pulling on pages may result in pages falling out of the binding. Use the manual carefully. Table of Contents 1. Safety precautions 4 2. Names and Major Functions of Each Component 7 3. Operations from the Navigation Screen 9 4. Setting a Destination 11 5. How to switch the audio source mode 12 6.

Eclkpse and inserting discs 13 7. Rad io mode operations 8.

DISC mode operations 16 9. Manuap Audio Operation 18 mxnual 14 USB mode operations 20 Setting sound quality 22 Bluetooth hands-free Operation 23 How to use ESN 25 Also, do not deviate from the installation procedures described herein; ECLIPSE will not be held liable for damages including, but not limited to serious injury, death or property damage resulting from installations that enable unintended operation. Never eckipse devices requiring batteries where young children can get access to the batteries.

If a battery is swallowed, seek immediate medical attention. You must pay attention to the road to avoid accidents, do not let the avb726e or adjustment of the main unit distract you from proper vehicle operation. Accidents may occur as a result of not paying attention to your driving. Fires or shocks may result. Accidents, fires or shocks eclipae result. Smoke, fires or shocks may result. Never use a higher capacity fuse than the original.


Using the wrong type of fuse may cause a fire or severe damage. Accidents, fires, or shocks may result if you continue to use it in these conditions. Keep away from babies and children. Never place bags or wrappings over anyone’s head or mouth. For safety reasons, only the sound of DVDs or videos will be emitted while the vehicle is avnn726e motion.

Wait about 1 hour for the condensation to evaporate and the main unit will operate normally. Contact the store of purchase if normal operation does not resume after several hours. Wait a moment and the GPS positioning will correct the displayed position. You are recommended to keep a separate record of the information you store in the main unit. You can operate this receiver by pressing the panel buttons panel switches or by touching the switches displayed on the screen touch switches.

I Panel buttons Press the panel buttons to operate the device.

Press to switch to hands-free mode. Press to adjust the audio volume. Press to display the audio operation screens. Press to adjust the screen image quality or screen brightness. Press for 1 second or more Press to display the navigation menu screen. Press to select station manually. Xvn726e to select station automatically. Press to select a track or music file.

About “SD memory card” slot

Press to fast forward or fast reverse track or music file. Press to select videos and chapters. Press to fast forward and fast reverse videos and chapters. Press for 1 second or more Em] Press to temporarily mute the audio.


I Touch switches The main unit can be operated by touching switches on screen. After the selection of the language, touch [I Agree] to switch to the Navigation screen.

The power will turn OFF when turning off the engine. Setting the Navigation Operation Mode The main unit provides a choice of operation modes “Simple mode” and “Advanced mode”each providing different menus and settings. The navigation operations and map-screen layout are the same in each mode. This document describes the basic navigation operations available from “Simple mode.

When the power of the main unit is turned on for the first time, the screen switches in the order shown below. It can be accessed from the Navigation menu by touching /. Dragging the map screen enables you to scroll to your desired position. When your GPS position is available, the main unit marks your current position with the icon on the map. Touch the [-] switch and the map will zoom out. I Change the orientation of the map J: Touch the touch viewing modes switch to switch the map display.


Always display the map so that north is on top, regardless of the direction in which the car is traveling. Always display the map so the direction in which the car is traveling is on top.

Display a 3D view of the map. The 3D view displays a headingup, front-wide view. By entering an address, the map corresponding to that point or area can be displayed.

The map of the vicinity of a previously set destination can be displayed. Also, enter the name of an address to display the map of that area.

The map of the vicinity of a favorite point can be displayed. Change the navigation settings. In “Simple mode,” you can change the language of the navigation screen, the language of the voice guidance, and the screen background.

You can also check map and license information. The text-entry screen differs depending on the function. Press [Menu] to display the “Navigation Menu” screen. In the “Navigation Menu” screen, the menu screens for Navigation and settings can be displayed. Delete one character from the entered text. Switch between uppercase and lowercase. Switch to symbol-input mode. Select the text-entry language. The language for entering characters can be selected from the displayed list.

The layout of the keyboard changes according to the language selected. Find the entered text. Enter the address Select the search method. Enter an address and find point of interests POI nearby.

Move manhal cursor on the map and find POls nearby. You can add the point avn26e on the map to your favorites. You can easily select registered points and call them up on the map. Change the map display for the displayed point. Check the map and find a detailed destination.