Power. Rating, 8kVA, 10 kVA, 12 kVA, 15 kVA at power factor. Topology, True double-conversion online UPS. Electrical Input. Nominal input voltage, V. Eaton UPS Technical Specs. Stand-alone UPS with 1-phase input / 1- phase output. Stand-alone UPS with 3-phase input / 1-phase output. External battery. Eaton and (10/15 kVA) Internal Battery Instructions. English (US). Jul- Powerware UPS Seismic Kit Installation Instructions. English (US).

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Let’s talk big ideas View all social media. Eaton Intelligent Power Manager.

Eaton Powerware 9155 Online Tower 8kVA-15kVA 120/208/230V Series UPS

Most UPS applications are designed to protect your network devices from power anomalies, including surges, sags and pwoerware variations. For support beyond the warranty period, Eaton offers enhanced service options including onsite startup, corrective and preventive maintenance, battery solutions, training, remote monitoring and factory spare parts and upgrades.

The software has a clear, easy-to-use, multilingual interface available on any PC with a Web browser. The can be equipped with an integrated, customizable power distribution module that includes a maintenance bypass switch.

Such a small footprint gives you more location options and more space available for future expansion. The can be equipped with an integrated, customizable power distribution module that includes a maintenance bypass switch. Please enable javascript to ensure the best experince. Providing customers with increased flexibility, the BPM saves users money on electrical costs and … View more lowers upfront costs while protecting against downtime during equipment maintenance. Our patented load-sharing control intelligently distributes the workload among modules without requiring direct communications links among them.


Enhanced communication capabilities The UPS is equipped with a variety of standard communications features for network connectivity and remote management applications, including: How to buy Locate a channel partner Questions before you buy.

Additional eNotify benefits include: The cumulative result of these advancements is maximum economy, adaptability, and power performance.

Scalable architecture meets current and future load requirements.

Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager brings managing a wide range of power and environmental devices under control through a single, Web-based interface. Features and Benefits Protects connected equipment from all nine of the most common power anomalies Provides more real wattage in less space with a.

In fact, the Powerware delivers more features at a price lower than its predecessor. Find a Distributor Exporters. Warranty and service plans Eaton’s UPS warranty and service options provide the system uptime, convenience and value that is right for you and your business.

Catalogue des produits et des services Canadian-French. Eaton’s comprehensive, world-class service solutions are designed to improve costs, uptime, reliability, power quality and safety. The wall-mounted bypass panel is powetware to bypass the UPS during maintenance or servicing, providing wrap-around bypass for UPS service without shutting down the load.

Customers consistently rank Eaton services number one in quality. Intelligent Power Protector’s versatile user interface shows you detailed information about connected servers and UPSs through USB and serial or network communication. Eaton load protection guarantee. Or complete this quick form. This innovative design offers high efficiency 90 percent or better across all load rangeslow input current distortion less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion, with an active IGBT rectifier that delivers 0.

Powerware UPS Technical Specs

Hot Sync Parallel Systems. The Eaton UPS formerly Eton UPS provides premium online backup power and scalable battery runtimes for IT and electrical engineering infrastructure in corporate, healthcare, banking and industrial applications.


UPS training options Training materials and courses available for There’s no dependence on communications wiring among these modules, enhancing reliability and simplifying installation.

Canada Worldwide Sites www. State if in US: Locate a channel partner Find a local channel partner based upon your zip code. Learn about ABM technology.

One-way outbound status and event e-mails for security and reliability Fast diagnosis and notification of critical alarms Monthly customer reports including power event logs and overall UPS and battery health summaries.

Contact me about this product. The standard factory warranty covers: Using our signature Hot Sync paralleling technology, up to three modules can be paralleled for extra capacity or eeaton.

Packing maximum battery runtime into a very small footprint, the UPS is a complete power protection solution.

Industrial UPS | UPS | Eaton

Eaton Intelligent Power Protector. The software suite includes the following applications, as well as a user-friendly wizard to guide users through software selection and installation: And with customer service engineers in North America and 1, international authorized service providers, Eaton has more service personnel than any other UPS manufacturer. Eaton UPS-mounted bypass switch user guide. The EMP can also be configured to provide status of two additional powsrware devices such as smoke detectors or open-door sensors.

Power Xpert meters Power Xpert meters combine state-of-the-art technology with next-generation power diagnostics, data trending and performance benchmarking with a twist-and-click LCD display.