Container Services Network, LLC All Rights Reserved. USING THE DrumTracker II PDT: When you start up DrumTracker II you will go to the Main screen. OPERATION Installing Drumtracker for Windows What is Drumtracker? Preferences Adding Inputs Rendering Parts Manual Editing According to Toontrack, Drumtracker gives you manual control over tracking and exporting and lets you select which part or parts of a drum.

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It is a great alternative to drum triggers, and a great way to replace or reinforce drums. For this example I am using the kick drum from a track I am currently working on, where the kick drum did not have near enough umph, so I drumtracke to replace it.

Drumtracker FTW!

Feb 11, Messages: Is there a program that can time align the OH mics since I sample replace everything else anyways?? You will only sign up to get our newsletters, offers and promotions to your inbox. It might hit only a couple extra, which is a piece of drumtrackdr to just click and omit. You do this by clicking and dragging untill the green bar selects everything you would like to be detected.

Share This Page Tweet. This won’t work with Steven Slate 3. You must enter the exact information or else the system will not permit you to Affiliate with the Location.

Feel free drumhracker sign up today. Please let me know thks Gladf7. In PT it’d be a synch, but drumtraacker version of Cubendo I use doesn’t allow for direct printing onto tracks from plug-ins.

DrumTracker II Web User Interface User`s Manual |

You MAY have to manually zoom into the kick drums first transient, and match it with the first midi note, as sometimes if there is silence at the start, it might not see it, so it is best to match it up manually, but the tempo changes should still be in place. It can work with single-drum source material ie, multitrack recordings and, drumtravker other drum replacing software, full drum mixes.


It was a compromise, but it worked. The screen first presents asking for a string to search for: No, create an account now. And should look drumtracke like this. When you play through the track, past a transient, it will detect if it has been triggered or not automatically, so no need to press render each time you make an edit, just play that section by pressing space bar, or the mamual button.

The Edit Container screen allows the user to edit a container and view DrumTracker history. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The snare and the kick were cool, and made the kit sound much bigger.


Click and drag the red bar up and down to change the threshold of the detection. Sounds like a really quick and painless way of setting up trigger tracks in a project Below is an image of matching up the hits. Discussion in ‘ Backline ‘ started by TheDudeJan 9, I agree with Scott for sure: Yeah, this might save me using triggers on the kit altogether. The client was very, very happy.

Will drumtracker work with this? Answered December 29, at Wanting to join the rest of our members? Jan 31, Messages: Answered December 28, at So in cubase you pull up MIDI, and say you get drumagog to trigger off those MIDI signals, how do you actually get drumagog to print an audio track from there?


This is asking for the audio file you are going to replace from. There’s always some mishaps going on with some hits. I realized that I don’t have to sit and go through every hit manually to see that it works, and that my friends, will save me a couple of months of boring work every year I’ll be working in this business.

You cannot guess these items. Main menu Skip to content.

Toontrack Drumtracker Tutorial | jonnyduddle

Step 5- There we are! Our Verdict Drumtracker isn’t bad, but it’s not the revelation in drum replacement that trigger-happy producers were hoping for.

When you click on any one, any previously selected will be unselected. Aug 13, Messages: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Same thing I just realized. So now you should have MIDI hits on top of your audio file, which can be muted if necessary. I’m really happy now. Ghost notes and fucking everything. If successful, the Location will be selected and you will return to your previous screen. You could use the one OH mic to grab your snare hits and use the one low mic to grab your kicks.

Sep 2, Messages: A confirmation of success look like: Also, do the “producer pack” Toontrack wants you to do.