Cunning’s third Sinners on Tour erotic ménage romance about heavy metal musicians (after Rock Hard) turns to bisexual guitarist Trey Mills. Read Double Time (Sinners on Tour #5) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Double Time is a Romance novel by Olivia Cunning. Get this from a library! Double time: Sinners on tour. [Olivia Cunning] — Rock Hard hooks you with heat and reels you in with heart.?Cheryl.

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Read Double Time online free by Olivia Cunning | Novelscom

Present day – 2. I liked Trey before but I like him so much more now. Trey has spent years pining after his best friend and fellow band mate Brian. The whole “look into my eyes” just gives me chills. Now, that he agreed to be her bodyguardstaying away from Pn becomes hard. But for how long? When Reagan and Trey spend the day together after Reagan is hired, he realizes that he not only wants her sexually, but genuinely likes being around her for more than that and decides he would like to try out a committed relationship with Reagan.

Not even the sex scenes. Book ratings by Goodreads. You’ve already taken my ovaries, what more do you want!!! View all 26 comments. He still goes through some angst with Brian, but finally he allows himself to find love elsewhere and he found two people that he could not only love, but who loved him back. I then hated a big chunk, but in the end I felt all lovey dovey again.

Watching him suffer with his unrequited love for Brian was hard. You don’t read them for an emotionally soul searching journey. I didn’t really care for it and it certainly wasn’t who I thought it was but I guess it helped Ethan realize some things.


View all gour comments. Time for the steam. It is my own insecurity issues that made it hard for me to get over the whole Ethan, Trey thing to start off with, but if you’ve enjoyed the first two books of the Sinners like I did, Sinenrs sure you will need to change your panties with this one too.

Then, Trey saves everyone from Reb’s ex-boyfriend in the hottest way possible. There is an immediate attraction and things move fast from there.

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Oct 09, Susan rated it it was ok. Reagan with both Ethan and Trey…on and on Ethan was a hot dominant man. They soon figure out there olifia more to their physical attraction, there is an electrical current of chemistry they both cannot ignore. Every nerve ending a challenge to ignite with pleasure.

Maybe I’m over the Sinners now. There was so much steamy sex my husband even became scared to enter a two meter radius of me. View all 14 comments.

Even after we discovered that the interaction between Brian and Trey was a dream, Brian continued to break my heart vicariously through Trey Mills. But kinda got over it because when there’s so much humping, you kinda can’t get hung up on the little things like monogamy. I would tojr to get to know Dare Mills a whole lot om. And to cut a dirty story short they live happily ever after. But, lucky for us Sinners groupie, Olivia Cunning just give us sneak peek to the cover Not the final version!

Double Time : Sinners on Tour

I almost knocked a star off my rating for the bizarre continuity thing going on here. There’s a lot to deal with. But Brian is married and just having his first baby. Reagan demands Trey’s respect and faithfulness. I loved the struggle that Trey and Ethan had to hime each other.


Other books in the series. Of course, the sex scenes are pretty steamy but sometimes it was hard to keep track of who was doing what with whom and where! When Reagan brings Trey home, there is an immediate attraction between Trey and Ethan. Olivia Cunning is responsible for introducing the Sinners into my life and writing excruciatingly erotic sex scenes with super gorgeous horny men!

For him to get involved with a woman, then tell her after the fact that she did NOT complete him – it made me shake my head.

With each book, I felt like I was intrigued more by Trey. Supposedly, his story wasn’t wrapped up, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t much care what happens next for him. Apparently the publishers thought the readers wanted Trey’s book sooner??

The cunnlng pages view spoiler [had my oh clenching painfully, my stomach in knots.

The fact that she plays like Brian, loves sex as much as Trey and comes with a funning dominant gay roommate only cement her footings into Trey’s life. This is one seriously hot and down and dirty, sexy read.

Reagan agrees to try a three-way and the story moves on from here. Happily Ever After – Reads Trey exited the studio and opened the door to the sound booth.

After feeling burned and exhausted by the men he’s dated in the past, he’s decided to swear off men.