Documentum Query Language is a derivative of SQL which can be used to For more information on DQL, please refer to Content Server DQL Reference guide. Posts about DQL written by HKRISH. Documentum is nothing other than a Content Management Tool but its vastness and its ability to cater to almost all sorts. The following DQL query identifies the lifecycle ID, current state, and the resume state (meaningful only if the current state is an exception state) for a document.

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I think the only Prerequisites that you need to know isBasic concept of client-server dqll and Documentum Architecture. Today the current era is defined by the terms like data, information, knowledge, wisdom etc. Documentum is nothing other than a Content Management Tool but its vastness and its ability to cater to almost all sorts of data types available are so rich in itself that these days it is widely used.

If we undo the Documentum technically then it gives an edge over the Relational Database Management System by not storing only the Meta data but also storing the content in its native format. In fact kVisia is an Enterprise Engineer product that encapsulates best practices and domain expertise. This is a user configurable application consisting of XML files managed by repository and standardized on a single ECM platform. It is also believed to be powered by Documentum. For better understanding of the kVisia we can go through the following questions and answers that will help one to identify the need.

Elements are ordered into a tree structure or hierarchy. Elements may have parent or child elements, and may also contain attributes. Dockmentum element without a parent element is the highest in a tree structure and is called a root element.

Some DQL Queries | dump dm_documentum

Not all of the elements will have child elements. The DTD contains the rules that apply to each XML configuration file; these include the definitions of parent and child elements, element attributes, and how each element can be used. The appearance and behaviour of user dialogs can be modified without the need to change programme code simply by changing settings in the appropriate XML configuration file. A common need, however, is to display different configurations under different circumstances.

The Actions for which dialogs can be defined using an XML configuration file are: When the user issues the New command, a customized dialog can be displayed. Commonly deployed features include automatic document numbering, interactive project allocation and any additional attributes optional or mandatorywhich may be required to be stored for the document.

A customized Properties dialog can be displayed. Fields can be made editable or read-only as required. When the user performs an import, a customized dialog can be displayed which may typically employ features similar to those used in the New dialog. When the user performs a copy and paste action, a customized dialog can be displayed which may typically employ features similar to those used in the New dialog. For each document type, a search dialog referred to as QuickFind can be defined and viewed by the user in the Docbase through the McLaren menu.

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The attributes that can be searched on are configurable and search options such as Between, Greater Than, Containing, etc. It is always documentmu that one should have the overview of the additional functionality as a result of the deployment of the kVisia before configuring the product to suit the business need.

For each Object Type used in the repository, an XML Configuration File can be created and configured to define the appearance and behavior of the various dialogs for documents of that Dodumentum Type. The definition of the appearance and behavior of a dialog is referred to as a configurationand different configurations can be displayed in different doumentum. It deals with the following configurations:. Check in dialogs which are specifically adapted for each supplied type of engineering document.


Automated document revision numbering that reflects common design practice. Revision numbers start at 0 and the first issued version is 1, the second 2, the third 3, etc. When a document is checked in for the first time, a numeric value is assigned and incremented each time it is checked in. Following Comparison lets you know how much flexibility kVisia provides and how much time and effort it saves.

Benefits Easy to manage development process as applications are configured via XML using Studio Fast route from innovation to user documejtum Shorter time from design through to development Shorter time to deploy to the docuemntum users Reduces development costs Future upgrades are minimised Simple deployment and at a local level of control Speeds up implementation process through rapid configuration Hope you like the post, Feel free to post your comments and I will reply back to any queries that you have.

This Post explains how docukentum concept of relationships and virtual documents can be used to relate objects in Documentum using Documentum Foundation Classes DFC.

Pictorially it can be shown as: It specifies the type of referential integrity used when either of the two related objects has to be deleted. The expected values are: All users can create, modify or delete this kind of relationship. This method has docjmentum be invoked on the object which is going to act as Parent in the relation. The parameters it takes are. This method has to be invoked on the object documentjm is going to act as Child in the relation. Virtual document provides a way for combining documents in various formats into one consolidated document.

Some DQL Queries

There is no limitation regarding nesting of documents. One particular version or else all of the versions of a component can be combined with a virtual document. Two object types are socumentum to store information about virtual documents. A document can be converted to a virtual document by invoking the method setIsVirtualDocument on it.

Consider there are three main documents A, B and C. Essentially, A, B and C represent different contracts. The documents being referred here are Documentum documents of a certain system-defined or user-defined document type. But on implementation of the same, always the latest version of the parent object was related to child object between which the relation was initially created.

To maintain the relation across the current versions of document and for easy navigation from parent to child documents the concept of virtual documents in addition to that of relationship was used.

All the main documents A, B and C were converted to virtual documents. For this the following DFC methods were used in the same order as specified: So using the concept of virtual document always the current versions of document are present in the parent virtual document. Thus navigation across the different contracts A, B and C was documenrum.

Pictorially this can be shown as: In the above figure the arrow denotes the relationship between two documents. Requirement 3 states that there should be dynamic creation or deletion of relations between main documents depending on a particular attribute, say, attr. If the value of attr for document A is changed so as to imply that A and B are no longer documdntum, then the relation object existing between A and B should be destroyed.


If the new value points toward new document D, eocumentum a relation has to be created between A and D. So the change in value of that particular attribute needs to be intercepted. The interception can be done as follows: Thus the concept of relationships and virtual documents can be used together to relate objects in Documentum using Documentum Foundation Classes DFC. Literals are values that are interpreted by the server exactly as they are entered. Five types of literals: They cannot be used in API methods.

Functions are operations on values.

DQL recognizes three groups of functions and two unique documenhum DQL recognizes three logical operators: Any number of expressions can be joined together with logical operators. Content Server imposes no limit. This order, from highest doccumentum lowest, is: Using DQL, you can retrieve, update, and delete objects and create new objects.

Some special key words of DQL: Ie already if 3 authors are there, this becomes the 4th. Eg 4 To delete a value in a repeating attribute, use the remove option as the update clause and specify the index value associated with the value. Everything in documentum is out in folders which are there xql Cabinet.

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