Préampli-Processeur CHORD DSP R VENDU TRÈS RARE! Préampli processeur exceptionnel en HC et, fait beaucoup plus rare. Chord dsp r preamp / surround controller, boxed. CHORD DSP R preamp/ surround controller. with dts and dolby 2 surround. Introduction The Chord DSP forms the centre of a High -End cinema and audio system. The DSP decodes Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS-ES and has the.

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Blue goes to blue, green goes green and red goes to red. The available modes will depend on the type of audio signal that is currently selected. This can be useful to help achieve the desired balance from all the speakers with certain recordings that may contain either dssp8000r much or too little special effect.

The information that is shown includes the selected input source, the signal type, any music mode that is selected, the video format and the current volume settings. CopyrightDigital Theatre Systems, Inc.

This mechanical button is used to return to the main menu of the remote control where the menus of other Chord products may be accessed. Unbalanced inputs use RCA phono connectors that are gold plated with teflon high performance dielectric in sulators for optimum performance. The table on page 28 shows the available mode s for the different input signals and the active output channels associated with each mode.

DSP 8000 AV Processor

Each speaker can be set to be between 0 feet 0. The analogue gain sensitivity that you adjust is the input gain of the analogue to digital converter for each source. Use the left and right cursor LCD touch pads or front panel buttons to adjust the gain setting so that the signal never clips. This equalisation can be used to compensate for the added brightness without affecting the quality of choord treble range.


Instead, they are redirected to the front large speakers or the subwoofer if present. You should then either, bring the most distant speaker s closer, or the closest speaker s further away. For example you may wish to use this connection to feed a display device located in another room.

Subwoofer This setting allows you to control the level of the subwoofer speaker for the selected preset. There are five presets to choose from. This is useful if you make a mistake when making changes. Tone setup Treble and bass adjustment, plus settings for the treble and bass corner frequencies.

Used chord dsp for Sale |

Circuit designs that embody these components conform to applicable safety requirements. Do not connect grounded test equipment. This can happen due to video processing – in projectors, plasma screens and standalone video processors.

This should be used at all times. This is to ensure that the chassis metalwork of each item is connected together. The level can be set from —10dB dsp800r 0dB in 1dB steps. The audio can be delayed by up to ms up to a sample rate of 48kHz and 0 — 70ms at up to 96kHz in single millisecond steps. ZONE This is an additional composite video output. It is particularly effective for recordings which have strong left – or right-channel elements in the mix, as these are detected and accentuated by the Panorama process.

There are three main types of input and output connections on the DSP ; audio connections, video connections and control connections. Press this button to move upwards through the sub menus within the set up menus.

Choed direct measurement of speaker distances using the supplied microphone. See Preset set-up menu on page There are several actions that you can choose to cause the trigger.

吏„?•?œ ?„濡œ GLV – Create arts through technology!

S-video IN 1 and analogue audio IN 1. Each press of this LCD touch pad will cycle through each loudspeaker setting. Press and hold this button to decrease the volume more rapidly. These give an indication of the channels that are present in the incoming signal program format. MODE This button is used to cycle through the available cbord processing modes.


As digital signals they are then dssp8000r to be decoded or post-processed by the processor. Take care to ensure that you are connecting the correct output from your source equipment to the correct input on the DSP If this is set to Infin.

The volume knob also acts as a push button. This digital processing mode can be used to improve the quality of the selected audio input signal. Press this button to decrease the fsp8000r of a selected parameter within the set up menus. Superimpose This setting allows you to determine how OSD appears. You should adjust the gain so that the signal peak at just below 0dB on the meter. It is recommended that where possible, balanced connections with XLR connectors should be used instead of unbalanced RCA connections.

OSD style This setting is used to change the screen text, background and error message colours. This function duplicates the subwoofer information in the signal to the speakers set to both ‘Large’ speakers and the subwoofer. This display is also used to show the current menu and selected sub-menu whilst the set -up menus are activated. Each time the button is pressed the selected input source will be decremented by one. Take care chodr match your audio connections with your video connections.

After pressing ENTER then you can change cycle through the available letters, symbols and numbers with the front panel cursor esp8000r Treble Filter This allows you to choose the frequency point that the chordd settings work from.