One Fifth Avenue has ratings and reviews. Jessica said: Don’t do it. Don’t spring the cash for the hardcover of Sex and the City creator Can. Like a big-ticket, glossy new offering on Wednesdays at 10 p.m., Candace Bushnell’s new novel, β€œOne Fifth Avenue,” trains its sharp and. It was only a part in a TV series, and only a one-bedroom apartment in New York. But parts of any kind, much less decent ones, were hard to.

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Like Candace Bushnell’s previous books, it’s more about colorful characters than good writing. There were so many characters that it was all too easy to forget who did what and avenud was linked by what thin thread.

A bhshnell friend suggested it to me after I admitted that I had never watched Sex and the City. However, Bushnell does not even deserve comparison avenuf the likes of Wharton and Fitzgerald who successfully covered such material in The Age of Innocence and The Great Candaec, respectively. Overall a great book that I have just yesterday picked up a book by the same author and can’t wait to dive in. I am especially glad I did not pay for this book; while I’m willing to shell out for certain guilty pleasure novels Sweet Valley series, I’m lookin’ at you!

I sometimes think she makes NYC sound like a scary place and the people that live in this great city sound evil in her other books but not with this one. Indeed, pathetic Mindy Gooch lives in the smallest apartment of the building. View all 3 comments.

And eventually one learns that karma has a surprising way of taking care of these situations. I am not rich, and I probably never will be.

One Fifth Avenue

Aug 08, Megan Clark rated it it was ok. Oct 10, Laurel-Rain rated it it was amazing.


Enid Houghton should end up in the same sentence. It wasn’t long before I was involved with all the drama and residents of One Fifth Avenue. View all 12 comments. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

There’s a blown-out bitch to root against, a star-crossed couple to root for, and a Tim Gunn-style best friend who deserves his own book. But when I ran out of things to read, I grabbed this off of the shelf. His aunt Enid took care of Lola–he couldn’t even do that for himself.

I was born and raised in New York The residents of a historic Manhattan building are thrown for a loop when an elderly socialite dies, leaving her spectacular apartment up for grabs. There’s a couple of things you need to remember when you start to read this book: Clearly I should not be as naive as to believe everything that is written for a book promotion.

She connives to stay on top, but because she is so idiotic, she can’t even gain my sympathies as a bitchy, over-the-top villain with biting retorts. I’ve never read anything by Candace Bushnell, but considering she was behind Sex and the Cityshe seemed worth a try. There are lots of characters, seemingly only linked by a very thin thread.

I had a problem in the beginning keeping all of the inhabitants and want to be inhabitants of One Fifth Avenue straight. Her characters were all snotty and uninteresting to me and I think my IQ level went down a few hundred points Could there be a more uninformed conclusion? However, I keep buying them, so here we go Instead, the city is portrayed as dull, filled with wannabe socialites and people who have their own dreams and put down one another’s.

My intention was to read this as a sort of brain-candy, guilty pleasure read between heavier novels. Philip doesn’t deserve Schiffer–he’s so focused on sex and appearing with a younger woman that it makes him lose his spine and never let Lola go. Instead, eat an entire bag of Twizzler’s, spend some money you don’t have at a high end department store, look up on Facebook the shady college boyfriend that made you cry, research the current value candacce your home or K and then read all about how the big hedge fund managers are faring during the economic crisis.



ONE FIFTH AVENUE by Candace Bushnell | Kirkus Reviews

To view it, click here. By far, the most hateable character in the novel is Lola Fabrikant, a 22 year old obsessed with bedding wealthy men so that she doesn’t need to work a single day in her life. This time she got it right. Theirs is a cramped unit with a series of box-like rooms β€” they were formerly luggage space β€” but Mindy Gooch is the head of the board for the cooperative apartment building.

Nov 25, Lora Ofelia rated it liked it Shelves: Let it be known that it was between this and other selections that were WAY more unsavory.

This book has changed my opinion of Bushnell and I won I thought this book would be terrible as I’m not a fan of Bushnell.


The writing is snappy and as delicious and guilty as a gossip column, but does Bushnell endorse her characters? You’ll feel about the same stomach pain if you waste your Don’t do it. And if you don’t think Lola’s a bitch, why??

Audiobook5 pages. A couple of typos too- in one paragraph the name of the character is suddenly the same as another dead character. Unfortunately, it did not fjfth read like a brain candy novel.