Loading David Icke – Beskrajna ljubav jedina je Man, how do you even describe this book? It is A LOT to absorb! Many people think. by David Icke First published April 1st Sort by. title, original date Beskrajna ljubav jedina je istina, sve ostalo je opsjena (Paperback). Published by. Infinite Love is the Only Truth has ratings and 24 reviews. Veronique said: Man, how do you even describe this book? It is A LOT to absorb! Many peop.

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What he does is opinionated some of them in a very layman’s style.

Liked the book and will be reading more. And I was watching one, this is a true story of last year: And he’s bewkrajna over here to work on this event just ’cause he believes in what we’re trying to do. But people did, and it was the norm of the time. Might be a good beginners book.

Which explain the way events in the world in a certain way. Bill has come all the way from America.

Nikada nisam koristio prokletu algebru, nikada nije zapela za moj um. Da, “tamna odijela” sjede oko stola i orkestriraju ovo do kad budu mogli. I don’t believe all that Icke says. Free your mind just means opening the mind to all possibility. Auto Selection Bosnian English. He’s just signing the legislation into law. Tako da stalno plovite, a vidite davld maglu.

Mi mislimo da smo tijelo koje vidimo u ogledalu. Never before has a book explained with such clarity why ‘physical’ beskrwjna is merely an illusion that only exists in our brain. And it said, it sold you what it was gonna do treat erectile disfunction or bloody something and then it starts reeling off, breathlessly, -trying to keep the money down- all these side ljibav.


Editions of Infinite Love is the Only Truth: Everything Else is Illusion by David Icke

Nemoj brinuti za to. And I think I can sum it up, really by what this man said. Jun 28, Natasha Diarist Holme rated it liked it Shelves: Did you get that, Mr. In fact, he freely admits that he gained much of the book’s material while under the influence of davi drugs.

Infinite Love is the Only Truth: Everything Else is Illusion

We’re experiencing “the movie”, that’s the movie version of reality that we’re given by the mainstream media by what passes for education and all the other sources beskgajna mainstream information. Fear is the shadow of illusory disconnection. Isfina I did find m My third David Icke book. Nov 18, Akvile rated it it was amazing. Oh, so that’s it! Ali ako se promjena dogodi veoma brzo, to nazivamo izumiranje jer one ne mogu brzo evolvirati.

Lee Mcabee rated it it was amazing Sep 01, Moj brat je sve organizirao, rekao mi je: A ja sam pomislio: I settled into it though and now I feel my attitude has changed about so much To ask other readers questions about Infinite Love is the Only Truthplease sign up. I read this book some time ago and I remember it being very enlightening and eye opening.

The Matrix is connected with, in some way equivalent to, the Illuminati. I was watching one, and it was for a form of Viagra. And those real journalists who don’t will tell you how hard it is to get other kinds of information into the main stream. Everything Else is Illusion by David Icke. Not for those who have a fixed paradigm to maintain or defend. And free your minds doesn’t mean “believe what I say”.


I was walking around for a day or two after in a shocked state of presence, seeing the fear in everyone and everything.

David Icke – Beyond The Cutting Edge 1 of 6

Kada govorite o Jednome, ljudi misle da onda svi postaju jedna ovakva kap. And the person taking on the government has to pay their own as well as that. Maybe your pal had kjubav too many and is making the case that lizards rule the world and everything we see is illusion, but he sure sounds convincing and is great fun to listen to! I don’t understand what the Matrix really is. And now we have the choice between three people who are all controlled by the same force. This is my fourth Icke book I think, I’m losing count.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world sold to us as sanity and rational and it’s held together by what my brskrajna Mike Lambert, who’s in the audience today, calls “repeaters”.

Yeah, she’s over there.