V-TONE GMXH/GMX/GMX/GMX/GMX Manual de uso. Índice . Instrucciones .. nuestra página web, behringer. com y leer completamente. User manual for the device Behringer V-TONE GMX Online user manual database. Summary of Contents of owner’s manual for Behringer GMX 2 V-TONE GMXH/GMX/GMX/GMX/GMX User Manual Table of Contents .

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That being said, if someone didn’t do a lot of channel changing, I guess this would be a decent amplifier, or it would have to be used and miked only in a studio environment where quick switching isn’t necessary.

Wonderful tones for the value-minded guitarist 27 possible sounds per channel, each fine-tuneable with three EQ knobs and Gain control. Built in tuner is quite handy footswitch only turns the effects on or off,be nice if you could scroll through them.

Behringer GMX Owner’s Manual – Page 1 of 23 |

The footswitch has several functions: I’ve used mine for a decade without behringre single problem. I have a good friend that owns a Behringer bass amp and that amp was very sound for the money. Now not at all have checked for dry joints and caps. This is an “analog” modeler, although Behringer doesn’t go into any great detail to describe how or what makes this analog as a pose to a digital modeling combo.

It selects the channel 2 identical on which selected the type of modeling using a small switch like the Sansamp: As for the multi-effects presets are the numbers of 99 with all the typical effects: Tell us about it. I’ll be having mabual lot of fun using it.


The models are of high quality for the price of the machine.

It is a stereo combo that runs at 2×60 watts and features three unique amp choices, at three different gain settings, with three options for speaker response. I doubt there is compatibility.

Behringer Bass Guitar Pedals. Be careful, because saturated channel, the hardest is to play between the presence and treble, if not, beware of feedback, especially if you like the riot of decibels!

An illustration ofthe control elements with the corresponding numbering can befound on the separately included supplementary sheet. Behringer Music Answered on Oct 31, Now the effects range from reverb, chorus, flang, phase, rotary, echo, delay and a bunch more. But I give a third layer for the missing channel, because with that, we come close to perfection SOUNDS The behringer is perfectly suited to all styles, as hard as I exit the practice at high doses with my group, we have some softer compound, and there, he knows perfectly to slip into the shoes of an acoustic session Our members also liked: Compared to Studio Reverb, this reverb is livelier and has richer highs.

Because it would not be worth changing to a lower amp Show More Show Less. Mgx212 cons, the Wah is really rotten and rotary fairly average.


Not really a whole lot to dislike, except 2 things, it weighs a ton not that big of a dealadn that it loses about half volume when played clean.

Behringer GMX212 Musical Instrument User Manual

Usually the models go wrong on an amp. Assuring efficient sound, this Behringer guitar amplifier comes with two watt gkx212 workstations, having authentic V-TONE analog modeling.

I’m pretty good with timing, but I could never get it down for punching in additional gain from the other channel for guitar solos. The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. The 2 Jensen speakers kick too. The preamp section consists of two channels switchable analog modeling front or the footswitch provided. I would rate this amp very good For distos, it goes very well regardless of the style. Behringer V-Tone GMX guitar amplifier This series of amps give very good value for the buck- they have behginger in effects and put out a pretty nice sound.

A true classic, it gives your guitar modulated in constant tempo, and is then brought back to the input signal. Behringer Music Answered on Nov 29, And the best part is the sounds, bottom line it can make the tone you are looking for.