An ARRL Numbered Radiogram is a brevity code used in composing ARRL Radiograms during times of radio congestion. The code is used to transmit standard. ARRL Message Forms. Click on any section of this Message Form for information on how to use it. ARRL Radiogram. GENERAL. Follows a description of the. ARRL RADIOGRAM. A How To. EmComm East By John KB2SCS kb2scs @ With excerpts from the. W3YVQ.v/02 PSCM APP.-B NTS.

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This is for the handling station to write down whom they received the message from.

The text contains the actual message information authorized by raddiogram person for whom the message was originated. Words in the address or signature are NOT counted. It is IMPORTANT for originating stations to get full information about persons for whom messages are originated in order to be able to re-contact them should a problem arise in arro delivery of their message, or if a reply is received.

Service messages go to this station. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

This is whatever number the originating station chooses. It is a plaintext message, along with relevant metadata headersthat is placed into a traffic net by an amateur radio operator. Handling Instructions are sometimes used to tell the various stations along the way, what the desires of the originating station are. Photo Gallery This is the origi From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Despite my mistakes and embarrassment it was a good experience. Enter the address of the person the radiogram is intended for. Any message having life and death urgency to any person or group of persons, which is transmitted by Amateur Radio in the absence of regular commercial facilities. Advise plans for help. Most messages are delivered by phone. Going to your addressee and amateur call sign if anyfigures Brushy Creek Drive, Bandera TX, zip figuresphone figuresbreak for text.


This is a free public service. The address of who the message is going to. They are permanent parts of the message created by the station of origin and must remain with the message all the way to the delivery point.

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I can’t say that I’m enamored with message-handling, but I do recognize its value as an important emergency communications tool. An easy rule to remember about counting word groups: Although usually not used as a group by itself a space on the left and on the rightif so used it would be counted in the check. No one asked me to repeat anything during the breaks.

There are several reasons, but the one most relevant to the ARECC was that during an emergency you want crystal-clear communications. There are also hams who will avoid it at all costs. In most cases, this will be the same place. If you do enter a time, enter the time you the originating station created the message.

ARRL Numbered Radiogram – Wikipedia

The text is divided into word “groups”, five or ten to a line for easy counting, and is usually limited to 25 words or less. That was pretty embarrassing. Letter s used to indicate the precedence of the message, and must be on all messages. HX B Followed by a number Cancel message if not delivered within This can be any number the originating stations chooses.

  ISO 22901 1 PDF

ARL Fifty Six would be 3 words. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. I crafted this week’s message more carefully. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

These fields include the message’s priority, the callsign of the station of origin the amateur radio operator who placed the message onto the message netthe date and time of origin, contact information of the message’s recipient, as well as the callsign of the station that delivered the message. Radoogram the message is over a year old, it should be sent to the circular file.

Groups of figures, letters, combinations of figures and letters, and “X” are counted as words. Hope mother and child are well. Need accurate information on the extent and type of conditions now existing at your location.

The numbers aarrl always written down as words, and are always preceded by the procedure word “ARL”.

ARRL Message Forms

The letter “X” is never used as the last group of the text. The day is written in figures only, no leading zeros. If not needed, it is best not to use. If you as the originating station are the one and only person composing it, then this would be your location. Originating station of Msg. Numbers are usually begun with 1 at the start of a year or month at the pleasure of the originating station.