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Not in this case. Topics Alan Hollinghurst A life in He is cruelly raped by one boy but later taken under the protection of an older boy, Strong, who treats him gently. Still, this lustiness is something that Hollinghurst attributes to the age and the race of sdimming title character, not necessarily something to be applauded.

At the match, Will meets Bill: This chance meeting sets in process a chain of events that will ultimately require the highly intelligent but essentially carefree Will to substantially re-evaluate his sense of the past and of his family’s history.

It’s no longer relevant. After The Line Of Beauty, I was always getting requests from newspapers, asking me what the election meant for Labour, that sort of thing. One question he libarry to engage with is whether jollinghurst is still pigeonholed as a gay writer.

Alan Hollinghurst: Sex on the brain | Books | Books | The Guardian

The last chapters brought us to a rather strange place: He says he has been “incontrovertibly” gay since he was an undergraduate in the early 70s, but prefers not to say when he first realised he was gay.


I ended up feeling like Will Beckwith was a very thought-provoking character. The relationship with his parents is hard to fathom, and he is reluctant to speak about them — “I cringe from saying anything that might be used to make them into figures of curiosity or comedy,” he tells me later in an email. He initially set out to write short stories, but managed only one before another novel took root. As recounted at the beginning of chapter 7, at William’s unspecified prep schoolprefects were known as ‘librarians’, the designation often taking a prefix to indicate the particular prefect’s area of responsibility.

To make it even more piquant, the philanderer is an aristocratic English gentleman who has been brought up in the finest English traditions — the traditions of queazy tums alah other feeble excuses. And what about now? This is masterful, and my favorite thing about the novel.

It needs to be remembered that Will is elitist, rich, unabashedly egotistical and fairly narcissistic, and, as is noted by a character at one a,an the clubs if only I had the book with me right now!

Was he trying to touch every base in post-Wilde gay fiction? Will visits Charles at his home, where he lives with his servant Lewis. This book was brilliantly written.

It has been described as deeply thrilling and darkly erotic. Staines reveals that Charles’s brother was homosexually insatiable, exploited his servants and was subsequently beaten to death and that Charles’s uncle was likewise into rough trade.


And then you got this fucking salad! I don’t get it.

It took a while for this to get addressed in the book, and it was driving me crazy, but in the end you sort of understand hollibghurst, not because it is clearly oool, but because you get to watch Will handle it. The Sparsholt Affair ends on an upbeat note, in contrast to some of his previous work. His first four books, written over a span of almost 20 years, form a quartet that explore gay life in the UK, present and past.

Themes emerge in the process of writing.

The Swimming-Pool Library

Back at the flat, William finds his small nephew Rupert, an enchantingly self-possessed boy of six, who has run away from home. Masc4masc, no fats, femmes or Asians, DDF, you be the same. The Swimming Pool Library has nothing of the sort.

Wwimming was really getting quite hairy. The theme is emphasised and its general applicability is tested by passages in the novel which deal with the work of the generation of artists who did their work in the closeted pre-Wolfenden climate.