Contains generic manuals (covering all Airbus aircraft). [email protected]/Associated Data first deployment [email protected] V3. ✓. New CML manual only supported by [email protected] CML Consumable Material List. CMM Component Maintenance Manual. ESP. Electrical Standard Practices v FCOM Flight Crew Operating Manual. FPRM Fuel . AIRBUS CONSUMABLE MATERIAL LIST INTRODUCTION 1. General ______ A. This manual lists the consumable materials that are required.

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This manual lists the consumable materials that are required for the maintenance and repair of Airbus aircraft,components and vendor components. This manual is revised twice per year. This manuel does not include the consumable materials recommended by the power-plant or nacelle manufacturers.

Teledyne CML Composites awarded A Life Of Program Airbus contract

These consumable materials are listed in their own separate documentation,supplied by those manufacturers. For the purpose of this manual consumable materials are defined as materials that are used for maintenance and repair,that are not listed in the Illustrated Parts Catalogue IPC or Illustrated Parts List IPL of overhaul manuals.

Therefor it does not include “Use once only”items such as seals,gaskets,tab washers,cotter pins, lockwire,rivets,etc The manual is divided into two parts: Part 1-includes the materials required for maintenance and repair of the aircraft,its systems,sub-systems and sub-sub-systems. Content and Section Numbering Each part is divided into nineteen sections,each section referring to vml category of materials.


Item Numbering The materials in each part are identified by an item number of the form: Format The material information, in each Section is set out in tabular form comprising fml columns: Column Assignment 1 “REF.

ITEM” column The item number assigned to the material is given in this column.

AIRB-lss3-and-Airbus-CML Aircraft Products | MRO and GSE Supplies

Equivalent materials when available will be quoted under the same items number as the original materials cmll will be identified by a suffix letter. However,when a document calls a material by a suffixed number, then only that material can be used. Any specifications quoted should be without a suffix,then the latest issue of that specification should be taken into account.

If a specification is quoted with a suffix then only that issue of the specification can be used.

AIR-4206/B lss.3 and Airbus CML 04-002 Aircraft Products

If the material does not meet a specification then the entry on the line after the reference is “NONE”. If any material conforming to the identified specification aigbus acceptable,then the reference is the specification,followed by the term “OPEN”.

When a material is no longer available or no longer to be used then a statement to that effect will be shown on the last line of this column. Category A-These materials are those materials for which usage is mandatory,since use of other materials. All the materials in Category A and their suppliers are fully and specifically qualified by AIRBUS Category B-These materials are qualified against a known specification,for which the use of alternatives locally available to the same specification will present no hazard to aircraft safety.


Any local alternative may be used by the operators without reference to AIRBUS Unless shown in this column,all suffixed materials are of the same category as the basic material entry.

The ATA references,where the material is called are shown facing the abbreviation s of the manual s concerned. AIRBUS apply stringent selection and if necessary qualification procedures, to category “B” materials and also approves suppliers of such materials for its use.

Unlisted materials and suppliers are not subject to these qualification and approval procedures.

Any party ordering material listed herein is fully responsible for ensuring the conformity and quality in respect of published specifications.

However copies can be obtained as explained in SIL ,with the following data as guidance on the type of specification identified by the Codes used in this manual.